“We’re a Gun Rights Organization”

That’s what Ray Schoenke is telling people in Minnesota:

“We’re a gun rights organization and we are stating Obama’s not going to take away your guns,” Ray Schoenke, who is founder and president of the AHSA, said in an interview Thursday night.

It’s a growing phenomena.  Just look at the crowds this guy draws. Let me tell you, the Second Amendment is in trouble if we don’t counter the AHSA hordes!  I wonder if he told them about Barack’s endorsement by the Brady Campaign.

5 thoughts on ““We’re a Gun Rights Organization””

  1. Funny! Well, after I clicked on the link for the picture. I’m curious and haven’t had the time to go investigate.

    The NRA is known to endorse candidates of both parties. Has AHSA, which I think is just a dem front, endorsed any republican candidates?

  2. NRA does endorse a lot of Democratic candidates. Most of the endorsed candidates are Republicans, but that’s because Republicans are better on our issue in general. But where Democrats are good, Democrats get the endorsement. There are several endorsed Democrats in Pennsylvania. In fact, they represent a significant portion of our congressional delegation.

  3. The AHSA doesn’t endorse anyone but Democrats, and anti-gun candidates are included. ;-) They are as purely synthetic as polymer grass can be – astroturf.

  4. The AHSA is just a group of pragmatic gunownders. Don’t get all SNBI with them.

  5. You know, I do not say this about many people terribly often, but that man is completely and utterly full of shit. AHSA is nothing more than a made-up organization to try and give anti-gun and anti-right Democrats the veneer of being maybe just a little pro-gun. Fortunately, that veneer is disintigrating rapdily, but the fact that Schoenke continues to blatantly and incorrigibly lie… that is just disgusting.

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