AHSA On Obama

SayUncle points out that American Hunters and Shooters Assocation is shilling for Obama the Socialist Messiah.  AHSA has pretty thoroughly unmasked itself as an anti-gun false flag operation, especially with Bob Ricker occaisonally making appearances in the comments of gun blogs berating gun rights activists.  The Jolly Roger is flying high on AHSA mast, but that actually doesn’t matter too much, in their minds.  What Ricker and Schoenke are hoping for is that most hunters and shooters don’t know what a pirate ship looks like, and will hear their endorsement and think it means Obama is down with the hunters, and by association gun rights.  The problem is, people aren’t that stupid, and the word is getting out there.  It takes an extra special kind of prick to take people for such fools, but that’s exactly what the Schoenke and Ricker do.