A Lesson in Public Relations

If you’re trying to rebrand yourself, much like AHSA seems to be trying to do, it’s inevitable that you’ll try to spin certain things.  But it’s never a good idea to try to spin something where the real facts can be easily looked up by anyone, like denying the fact that Ray Schoenke donated money to the Brady Campaign:

Ray Schoenke Brady Campaign Donation

Did they think that maybe people wouldn’t realize HCI renamed itself to the Brady Campaign?

4 thoughts on “A Lesson in Public Relations”

  1. Question: What’s AHSA’s game here, ultimately? I’m starting to wonder if they even know, do they realize the gun control movement is a sinking ship and are trying to save their lobbying careers, or are they just waiting for the right bit of underhanded legislation to support? I’m not understanding what it is they’re doing.

  2. They are trying to build support and a base of “less researched” people, so that when they support the gun control candidate next year they have a bit more votes. They are assuming that gunnies are stupid, basically.

  3. Kind of like that letter Schoenke sent to Attorney General Holder trying to get him to retract his statement about reinstating the Clinton Gun Ban because “millions of gun owners who voted for Obama believing he supported the Second Amendment” might find out it was all smoke and mirrors.

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