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From Rightwingprof in the comments:

I wrote to ACORN and asked if they could register me in the 12th so I could vote for Bill, but I haven’t heard anything from them.

Bill Russel is the candidate running against John Murtha.  Rightwingprof votes in Pennsylvania’s 5th district.  I heard from a local activist that ACORN is registering people in Philadelphia and instructing them to leave the party affiliation blank, stating “Don’t worry about that.  We’ll take care of that.”  I don’t think I even have to give you two guesses to figure out which party they are filling in.

4 thoughts on “Quote of the Day”

  1. It’s perfectly clear they aren’t just registering voters, they are registering for democrat votes.

  2. And then, when the election is close or a loss for Democrats, the cry will be “Voter Fraud” based off of all those registered people.

  3. I registered at the York Fair. I circled Republican.

    Several weeks later I received my Democrat Party Voting Card. WTF?

    Yes, I should have pursued it further….I HATE THE DEMOCRATS. I DISLIKE THE REPUBLICANS. I LOVE AMERICA!

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