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Apparently, in 2000, Corzine donated $2500 to CeaseFire NJ, and then received and endorsement from them.  Bryan, I hate to break this to you, but it’s supposed to work the other way around.  You’re supposed to give money to Corzine’s campaign, and offer him an endorsement that helps him win, with the idea that such support will not be forthcoming in the future if he doesn’t vote your way.

But it’s interesting that in New Jersey politicians buy interest groups rather than the other way around.

2 thoughts on “More on CeaseFire NJ”

  1. Corzine doesn’t get it. He is under the delusion planet earth is a civilized place. The slug still doesn’t realize that “police cannot police society and it is an individual’s personal responsibility and obligation to protect oneself. Our founding fathers understood and thus they enacted the second amendment to the US constitution. Corzine needs to be voted out his time and his socialist ideas are out of date. If one thing rings true since Clinton got into office back in 2000 more government equals less liberty and a broke government.

  2. Actually, it seems to me that this story perfectly illustrates the mentality of governor seatbelt – he was a limousine liberal who made his wealth when the stock shares from Goldman Sachs went public, and then he used that wealth to buy political endorsements from other liberals like Cryin’ Bryan Miller.

    Then, after attaining his political power from money that was generated by practices and principles based in capitalism and freedom, governor seatbelt proceeds directly into his agenda of undermining those very same practices and principles vis-a-vis his implementation of policies rooted in socialism and wealth redistribution.

    Come to think of it, this sounds just like a few other liberal Democrat policies, too.

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