Pulling The Wool Over Your Eyes

The AFL-CIO is doing a massive direct mailing to members to help cover up Obama’s atriocious record on gun control.  They cite Obama’s endorsement by AHSA as proof that he supports our second amendment rights.  One wonders whether they’ll tell their members about Obama’s endorsement by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership.  If the AFL-CIO would only expend this much energy on keeping anti-gun Democrats off their tickets, they might not find themselves in this situation where they have to lie to their members.

7 thoughts on “Pulling The Wool Over Your Eyes”

  1. The CWA has also sent a similar mailer to its members, but it wasn’t that in-your-face about gun issues. They think we should all goose-step into the polls and vote for Barry.

  2. /me stands up
    “I’m Mopar, and I’m a member (not by choice) of
    , the second largest union in the AFL-CIO, and the largest single contributor to (Democrat) political campaigns in the country”
    /me hangs his head in shame

    I suspect that it is them that have been attempting to call me every day, from a caller ID blocked number without leaving a message.

  3. It simply amazes me how much traction the false-front AHSA is getting.

    It’s as if the truth simply doesn’t matter any longer. To establish a gun-owner and hunting group that differs in position from the NRA? Fine. To tout Obama as supportive of the second amendment? Flatly dishonest.

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