Brady Impact on Election

Howard Nemerov has done some great research on the election.  Part one gives an insight into how interest groups use endorsements as a political tool.  Part two covers how much of a factor guns really were in this electoin.  The final part three takes on the Brady notion of “sensible gun laws”.  Howard concludes that the Brady Campaign has been greatly overstating its influence on the Democratic victory of 2008.

5 thoughts on “Brady Impact on Election”

  1. Yes. Brady is basically trying to play up the election results in an attempt to convince lawmakers that NRA are in a weak position and can be rolled in the 111th Congress without fear of electoral backlash. That is a rather odd assertion when the Democrats have been running away from gun control like the devil is chasing them since 2004.

    The truth is, the Brady’s are currently in the best position they are ever likely to see again right now. Historically, the Republicans should gain in 2010. It’s not guaranteed, but the party in the White House usually loses. They have two years to make something happen, or they are finished. The only way they can make something happen is to convince lawmakers the NRA is no threat. It’s going to be our job to make that case a tough sell for Brady, through grass roots action over the next two years.

  2. All of these hoplophobes – from Cryan Miller of Ceasefire New Jersey, to Paul Helmke of the Brady Bunch, and even the rookie POTUS Barry Obama along with his right-hand guy Rahm Emanuel, keep referring back to this same catchphrase – “sensible gun laws”.

    This is nothing but their code words for their true agenda though, which is to completely erode the right to keep and bear arms for us lawful American citizens.

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