Michael Moore Profits from Taxpayers

It doesn’t make a good Michael Moore post unless you can show he’s a hypocrite. Fortunately, Moore gives us plenty of fodder.

Michael Moore’s latest film, Capitalism: A Love Story – which bashes taxpayer bailouts of big Wall Street companies – was itself the recipient of taxpayer subsidies from the state of Michigan, the Mackinac center reports. Moore previously bashed the film tax credit program, calling it a handout for big Hollywood production companies.

I guess it is only objectionable when taxpayers are forced to subsidize other rich fat cats.

4 thoughts on “Michael Moore Profits from Taxpayers”

  1. He is my “never listen to a thing he says” category.. So I will not watch jis video. He used to get me livid, and I promised my wife to no longer watch, look or listen to his fat ass!!

  2. One of Michael Moore’s homes is on Beautiful Torch Lake in Antrim County Michigan. I live about five miles from him as the crow flies, on the other side of the lake but a world away in political philosophy and ostentatiousness. I can’t begin to be able to sufficiently articulate just how low he is in my heirachy of esteme. He is the epitome of a dangerous Marxist hypocrite. And like Dannytheman I have pledged myself to not look, listen or even think about his fat ass.

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