Endorsement Forthcoming?

This AP article hints that NRA may be preparing to endorse the McCain/Palin ticket:

The NRA has not yet endorsed a presidential candidate, but LaPierre planned news conferences Thursday in Pennsylvania, Missouri, Colorado and Nevada to make an announcement on the presidential election. He declined Wednesday to reveal which candidate the NRA would endorse but added that the group would “be foolish to overlook the vast areas of agreement” it has with McCain.

I don’t think there is any other choice here.  We must defeat Obama.  With him running around threatning consequences to radio and TV station broadcast licenses, it would be hard to even hold the Campaign Finance stuff against McCain at this point.

6 thoughts on “Endorsement Forthcoming?”

  1. While I hate to be the wet blanket, everything seems to be going Obama’s way. The NRA would be foolish to actually ENDORSE McCain/Palin, because it makes them look like they’re gunning for the losers, or playing up the perception that NRA really DOES stand for “national republican association” when the NRA is really made up of a diverse group of people. Sure, the NRA may agree with McCain and Palin because they share the same view of the 2nd Amendment, but it probably would be best for them to stay out of the Presidental race and focus on Congressional races (not that it matters now…or have they already gotten the endorsements out for Congressional races?)

    I hate to be voting Obama, but think of it this way: If Obama wins, he loses. If he loses, well, he loses, and probably there’s going to be loads of people pissed. Let me explain “if he wins, he loses.”

    An Obama administration is going to be a lightning rod for the NRA, and for anyone for deregulation of the economy, or for anyone opposing Obama’s views in one way or another. The NRA now has a big enemy at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue it can draw people to and unify members with. If Obama wants to increase gov’t accountability and transparency, by all means, turn it against him – you can probably find every single mistake he will make months after Jan 20th, 2009. Power intoxicates people – Obama and his Chicago politics are no exception – now watch how fun it is to see him paint a big target on himself if he screws up. Nitpick if you have to. Obama and his people played up the Hope/Change Kool-Aid for so long, if they fail, maybe we can all make 1994 look like a walk in the rain for the leftists. As for now, work on swinging Congress back to the right if you have to.

    just my 2cents.

  2. Two points if I may –

    One – You must be a Democrat
    Two – Your head must hurt alot because of all the time it spends up your ass

  3. Well, that certainly was a polite answer.

    I’m not a Democrat, I’m not a Republican, heck I don’t really play by any party’s rules. I got whatever I believe in. I’m just some ordinary guy out there. I don’t trust Obama, and I don’t trust McCain either. Obama just sucks less than McCain by about 1%. Everyone I’ve seen so far, commenting on all the blogs and such, makes it out like, Obama wins = Apocalypse for Gun Rights. Well, it probably brings it somewhat closer, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t work hard and promote your ideals and keep fighting. We’d all like a break from hard work, but is life always that good?

  4. OK – I guess your one of those fence riders.

    Why would the NRA EVER endorse someone with the ideals they don’t support?

    Based on the subject of Gun-Rights McCain is much more pro gun then B-HO.
    (You may want to become better informed about their individual positions)

  5. Here’s my issue w/ an endorsement. Previously, McCain rated a C and the NRA did some serious hit pieces on his back when he was a shill for the AGS.

    How does that make them look now, endorsing him, while not endorsing several (at least) higher rated people against F’s because of politics?

  6. It makes them look scared shitless of Obama, which is a boat we’re all in right now. Also understand that most of McCain’s C was for McCain-Feingold, and not his record on guns. He’s voted with us on everything that matters over the past several years. He also picked Palin, and snubbing McCain is now snubbing her.

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