What About McCain?

NRA Grades and Endorsements for 2008 are out.  Conspicuously absent is the presidential race.  Three possibilities here:

  1. NRA has decided to endorse and is waiting for a better press cycle where the endorsement will make a bigger splash.
  2. NRA is still not decided on endorsement and is wavering based on McCain’s record.
  3. NRA is still not decided on endorsement and is worried McCain won’t win.

I’m really hoping it’s number one.  The base is on board.  I’ve yet to show up to an event and not had a rush on McCain/Palin items.  Even if NRA is not yet on board the McCain train, gun owners most certainly are.  Palin is that good, and Barack Obama is that bad.  I’ve made clear to people that he’s not endorsed yet, but I give the people what they want, and what they want is McCain.

NRA would be understandably concerned about their record on endorsements, which is perfect.  NRA’s first endorsement was Ronald Reagan over Jimmy Carter, Reagan won.  They endorsed Reagan a second time, and he won again.  George H.W. Bush was endorsed, and won.  Then his endorsement was withdrawn, and he lost re-election.  Dole was not endorsed, and lost.  George W. Bush was endorsed twice, and won both times.  Some might thing this doesn’t mean anything, but it does.  If NRA endorses and the candidate loses, the meme around Washington will be NRA has lost its clout.  Heller took away their scare mongering, and they are now a paper tiger.  Hunters will feel safe because they know we can’t take their guns, so lets go after the guns we can take, like those dangerous people who buy evil assault weapons.  And you know, all that lead is bad for the environment, so we better ban it.

The stakes in this election are high, so high I think NRA is nuts if they don’t endorse McCain/Palin.  McCain himself is nothing to write home about, but it’s a ticket now, and his selection of Plain is a good signal that he doesn’t think we gun folks have cooties.  I understand NRA wanting to preserve their perfect endorsement record in presidential races, but we can’t afford that this election.  All stops must be pulled out to defeat Barack Obama.  This is one of those cases where you fight, even if the chance of victory is remote.  As it is, I don’t think it’s remote; it’s going to be close… and NRA owes its membership to get behind the candidate they are already behind.

8 thoughts on “What About McCain?”

  1. I am very happy that you know the answer; now go away until you “grow up”.

    Why make a statement and then not back it up !

  2. I think there is a simple solution for the NRA.

    They should skip endorsing McCain and simply endorse Vice-Presidential Candidate “Sarah Palin”.


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