Obama Camp Misappropriates NSSF Mailing List

Looks like there’s about to be a fight between the Obama Campaign and the National Shooting Sports foundation.  Just a guess here, but I’m betting that the list is protected by trade secret laws, which I understand is handled at the state level.  This should be interesting.

My understanding is that with trade secrets, if someone, for instance, left the list out on a table, and someone from the Obama camp picked it up, the campaign would not be liable.  But if they inticed someone to get it for them, they could be liable for misappropriating a trade secret.

More interesting stuff: There is a federal law called the Economic Espionage Act, passed in 1996, which makes misappropriating a trade secret a federal crime.  It not only makes the misappropriation of trade secrets a federal crime, but also conspiracy to misappropriate trade secrets a crime.

8 thoughts on “Obama Camp Misappropriates NSSF Mailing List”

  1. How did the Obama camp happen across the list in the first place?

  2. No traction CT all unless McCain starts acting like a UNITED STATES NAVY CAPTAIN!!! And mentions some of this in the next debate. Maybe Palin will bring it up…

  3. It doesn’t sound like you have enough information to call it misappropriation let alone quote the Economic Espionage Act. But, in good Conservative fashion, if you repeat it enough it’ll become true.

  4. Did I suggest that I knew for sure they were guilty? I was speculating, and I thought that was clear. Go back and worship your messiah.

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