McCain Endorsement?

Dave Kopel talks about some inaccuracies the Brady’s have put forth in the ABC News article.  Namely the statement:

“For John McCain to be the political candidate of the NRA shows how things have changed,” Helmke said.

First off, the NRA hasn’t endorsed McCain’s candidacy, and I don’t have any reason to believe that such an endorsement is forthcoming, though nothing would surprise me considering how stunningly bad Barack Wolfgang Amadeus Obama is on this issue.  Secondly, as Dave points out, McCain on the gun issue is really no worse than Bush, who indicated in 2000 that he would sign a renewal of the assault weapons ban.  Bush apparently has also supporting closing the gun show loophole.  McCain at least opposes renewing the assault weapons ban.

3 thoughts on “McCain Endorsement?”

  1. He also opposed enacting it in the first place, along with the Brady Act, while St. Ronnie supported both. If the NRA graded on Second Amendment issues only, McCain would fare better than any President who has served in my lifetime.

  2. The NRA may not endorse if they think McCain will lose. They have a 100 percent win record with their endorsements and may want to preserve it. But who knows.

    And yeah, I agree that Obama will be terrible for us. I think we need to wait until after Heller, as I suspect that may provide us with a lot more ammo, especially the candidate responses to it.

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