Did They Really Think This?

This would seem to indicate that Barr’s campaign staff expected an endorsement.  Some are saying they were told NRA wouldn’t endorse this year.  I have to wonder how much contact Bob Barr has with his campaign staff, and what he was leading them to believe.  As an NRA Board Member, and as a politician who worked in Congress with NRA for many years, Barr had to know he wasn’t getting the endorsement; NRA would either endorse McCain, or not endorse.  Bob Barr has done some wonderful things for NRA, pariticularly in fighting the International Gun Control Movement, but on a third party ticket, there was just no way that was going to happen.  It’s a shame his staff seems to think they were going to get the nod.

9 thoughts on “Did They Really Think This?”

  1. NRA wasn’t originally going to endorse McCain. That is why I told you you first three guesses were wrong. Things changed very recently.

  2. Bob Barr made an appearance at the banquet Saturday night of the GRPC. He gave us his little (no reference to his stature intended) spiel and insisted that voting for him was the only real way to blah, blah, blah. He said nice things about Ross Perot, as if he didn’t expect somebody in the audience to shout “He got Clinton elected.” Barr’s response was, “No he didn’t.” I kid you not.

    I’ll give the guy kudos for standing by his convictions, but it seems Barr has completely forgotten that Perot was at the very least a participant in the Presidential debates! I’m a registered Libertarian, but I refuse to throw my vote away on somebody who won’t even get 5% of the vote. I’m voting for McCain, because after Heller I don’t dare jeopardize any judicial appointments just to make a statement.

  3. You are a wise man. The big problem I have with Barr from a libertarian point of view is that he’s not a libertarian. If I want to vote for a Republican, I’ll vote for one that has a chance of winning.

  4. And I’ll admit he’s better than McCain on guns. Way better actually. But he has no chance of doing anything other than putting Barack Obama in the White House.

  5. I kinda view Barr as somebody we really might not want on our side, anyway. I remember reading, in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution a while back, that he had a negligent discharge in a friends’ basement while fooling around with said friends’ pistol.
    In other news, he had a rather heated (negative) response to Wiccans who wanted to build a temple on an army base (think it was Ft. Sam Houston?). According to this article, he stated that America was founded on ‘Judeo-Christian principles’, and the Army shouldn’t be pandering to Godless heathens, or some such.
    Now, as a Christian myself, I don’t support Wicca per se. But I do know a few who follow that path, and the ones of my acquaintance are, to a man and woman, intelligent, sensitive, and reasonable. And service to one’s country, I think, ought to be looked on favorably no matter what one’s religion—but that’s not the point. Point is, we have this little thing called the First Amendment, and it protects the right of Americans to worship (or not) however and whomever we see fit, so long as it doesn’t harm anyone else.
    As a congressman, I’d expect Barr to know that, and uphold it. As an NRA member, I’d expect him to know enough to check the damn chamber before playing around in someone’s basement.

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