Obama Silencing Voice of Gun Owners

Barack Obama’s campaign is trying to silence the National Rifle Association’s latest ad campaign using strong arm tactics by threatening them with possible legal action if they run the ads:

Failure to prevent the airing of “false and misleading advertising” may be “probative of an underlying abdication of licensee responsibility” Cosmopolitan Broad. Corp v. FCC, 581 F.2d 917, 927 (D.C. Cir. 1978).

So basically, stop running NRA’s ads, or your broadcast license could be in jeopardy.  They detail the WaPo’s FactCheck.org repetition as proof.  This is Chicago politics at its finest folks.  If you can’t win fair, win dirty.  This is not how a free society is supposed to function.  This is not the kind of man I want leading my country.

Besides, every bit of what NRA claimed is true.  It’s the Obama campaign and the news media that’s lying.

UPDATE: Bitter has more.

UPDATE: Instapundit links with a lot more.  In other news, I really need to upgrade my server hardware.  Turns out my little wireless router can’t handle an instalaunch too well.

UPDATE: Want to help defeat Putinesque tactics like this, I would encourage folks reading to join the NRA, and contact your local NRA Election Volunteer Coordinator.  We EVCs are working very hard to find people to help us defeat Barack Obama in November.

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  1. I wonder if/when they start coming after the weblogs. Probably after they silence any television/radio/newspaper dissent, but how much longer do we have?

  2. It’s interesting to see such heavy handed tactic being brought out on all of this, makes me wonder why they didn’t do so with all the other ad’s that question Obama’s pov.

  3. I guess the big O plans to bring us together by silencing all contrary opinions.

  4. This is Chicago politics at its finest folks. If you can’t win fair, win dirty.

    You can say that again.

  5. I suspect this whole incident is going to backfire on the Obama campaign. I suspect they are banking on the fact that the NRA has been marginalized (and radicalized) by the mainstream, and are banking on their hope that gun owners are really a silent minority of “dumb rednecks.”

    I also believe that the force with which the NRA has come out there was a wise tactic to garner more attention than would otherwise have been given them.

    You know, what is unfortunate about the polarization of these two “views” is that it widens the “culture gap” or fuels the fire of the “culture wars.” We that support the 2A become more galvanized around what we know to be true, whereas the typical (and unbelieveably numerous) anti-gun and anti-NRA folks will become even more bigoted and entrenched in their dismissive views of the gun owners in general and the NRA in particular.

    It’s sad.

    But I still think that the gun control issue is one of the hot-button issues on which the so-called “left” persues to their detriment … just like the gay rights and right to choice issues are those hot-button issues that the so-called “right” persues to it’s detriment.

    Take your pick. Neither party is squeaky clean when it comes to the honor and respect of individual rights.

  6. If you remember, they did a similar thing to this to an organization that was running more generic anti-Obama ads.

    They have gotten people to basically shout off the air radio hosts who want to talk about the Annenberg Challenge and similar subjects.

    And they’ve been downright disgusting to Sarah Palin and her family.

    I have problems with McCain’s role in our bogus campaign finance “reform” but this kind of thuggish behaviour really crosses the line. Thanks to McCain’s record, the Obama campaign could have been the genuinely progressive free speech movement.

    Needless to say this kind of behavior will force any reasonable free speech advocate to support McCain. In my opinion, downright moronic on the part of Obama.


  7. BOO HOO HOO. Big bad Obama is gonna take yer guns away and be mean to the nice NRA.

    Don’t worry, children. Obama will let you keep your guns. And he won’t even put in place a punitive tax against idiots, so you’re safe.

  8. When will the licenses of those Hispanic stations who ran the McCain/Limbaugh Immigration ad be taken away?

  9. franglo saids: Obama will let you keep your guns.

    You so sure about that, Franglo? What evidence backs your claim?

    I know Obama … he’s US senator from my state, and before that, was active in the IL legislature. I’d say that gives me some familiarity with his positions and his past, as well as the various bills he as supported or opposed.

    And let me counter your baseless claim that Obama will “let us” keep our guns … Obama in no way respects the spirit or the law of the Second Amendment to your US Constitution. “Let us” keep our guns … good one. Damned right he will “let us”, because he never has, nor ever will, have the authority to take them.

    Thanks for your contribution.

  10. How about threatening stations that run Obama campaign ads. I’m sure a few lies may be found in those.

  11. “When will the licenses of those Hispanic stations who ran the McCain/Limbaugh Immigration ad be taken away?”

    Never. Republicans and conservatives are too chicken to play hardball. They deserve to lose this election and many more just for sheer cowardice.

  12. So the pdf document above has a contact number and email address. Should we do something with it?

  13. Yes, it will backfire. (1) It creates a new story. (2) It makes the story timely. (3) Every real American, upon hearing that someone wants to keep him from hearing something, immediately feels a powerful urge to find out what it is.

  14. I live in NE TN, the tri-cities area, and work and travel in eastern KY and SW VA. The Obama campaign is saturating regional radio stations with an ad from the ‘American Hunters and Shooters Association.’ AHSA is an astroturf outfit put together by the gun banners as a counter to the NRA. The ad is voiced by some NFL has-been. He starts out with an argument that Obama and McCain are effectively the same on the Second Amendment and then goes on to ramble about economic issues.

    This is clearly aimed at Virgina and West Virginia voters, the Dems know how badly their anti Second Amendment stand has cost them in the past and they are desperate to neutralize the issue. Allowing the NRA to show just how bad Obama really is is something they just can’t tolerate, hence the strongarm tactics.

  15. No, Obama isn’t going to let us keep our guns.
    The CONSTITUTION lets us keep our guns.

  16. silencing a lying NRA is not silencing gun owners

    you are still positng
    so am I and I still have and will have my Taurus.

    Liars should be castigated

  17. Hey, franglo:

    I hate and fear guns.

    I just contributed $100 to the NRA Institute for Legislative Action. I would never have done something so out of character for me if it weren’t for Obama and his dreams of crteating a totalitarian state.

    Here’s the URL if you want to follow my lead:


  18. silencing a lying NRA is not silencing gun owners

    I am a member of NRA along with 4 million other gun owners. Silencing NRA is silencing me. I don’t have the money to run radio and TV ads myself. I donate to NRA to do that on my behalf. If Obama doesn’t like that, it’s the breaks for living in a free society. The problem is, I don’t think Obama likes the idea of a free society that doesn’t need Obama.




  20. “Don’t worry, children. Obama will let you keep your guns.”
    – – – –

    When you finally go down to take the tests and make the citizenship application, they’re going to expect you to have at least some rudimentary knowledge about the form of government in this country, so you should start reading about it soon. See, we have this document that guarantees us things like the right to protection of the law to an equal extent and quality as everyone else, the right to hang out with whomever we please, the right to utilize the legal processes fully so as to be able to present all of our defenses and evidence and arguments if the state complains about something we do, the right to say what we want to say without fear that the state will try to stop us, the right to own and use weapons so that we ultimately don’t have to look to “The State” for protection, when “The State” might well be what we need the protection FROM . . .

    Yeah, all on the same document! Kinda cool, really, and its existance and terms really speak to what’s special about this country compared to the rest of the world. Problem nowadays is, the human spirit that allowed such a noble experiment to even exist is being suffocated under a gray, homogeneous mass of would-be euro-leeches who have some sort of visceral, almost genetically-programmed yearning to become what the Founders ran away from – state wards and dependants running away from “unfairness” and towards a “but you owe me because I’m worthless”-centric life whose only real emotions stem directly from envy and jealousy, and who would rather starve together than watch one person work to gain one cookie more than they get themselves.

    I mean, you can see why those kinds of people wouldn’t want others to have guns. When you’re a nail, nobody should be able to have a hammer.

  21. There are two groups in America that one does not f*ck with: the gun people and the home schoolers. I belong to both.

  22. I love to fuck with morons like you

    Ill use my M4 or my C4 and take your stupid family out

    We will enact legialtion requiring certification for home schooler

    will? already have


  23. legislation

    in the excitement I typed too fast

    “from my lifeless hands” sounds good to me

  24. Isn’t it terrifying that Obama, a lawyer, intends to use the law to shut down free speech because he considers that speech deceptive? Yet he has been engaging in exactly those deceptive tactics in such a large number of ads himself.

    That is not politics. That is a vicious assault on one of our basic American freedoms. Every Democrat worth anything should fire off an email to Obama to tell him to stop that effort because it is profoundly un-American and there isn’t a real American anywhere that will stand for it.

    Meanwhile, McCain/Palin takes the abuse of the innumerable Obama deceptive campaign ads. They answer some of them with the facts, but the Alinsky-style assault is making its mark. Notice that McCain honors America and freedom of speech and doesn’t seek to shut down TV stations that run the add.

    One candidate says he loves America, but is assaulting one of our sacred freedoms.
    The other candidate is walking the walk of loving America, loving freedom of speech, loving liberty.
    Go McCain! Go Palin!

  25. The CBS v. DNC case cited in the letter as establishing that “independent political organizations do not have a right to command the use of broadcast facilities” is based on the fairness doctrine. There is no rule of law which states this. Here is the section of the case he cites:

    “Thus, under the Fairness Doctrine broadcasters are responsible for providing the listening and viewing public with access to a balanced presentation of information on issues of public importance.FN10 The basic principle underlying that responsibility is ‘the right of the public to be informed, rather than any right on the part of the *113 Government, any broadcast licensee or any individual member of the public to broadcast his own particular views on any matter…”


  26. I let my NRA membership lapse a few years ago because I saw the tide turning against the anti-gun crowd, but we must be ever vigilant. I will donate today for the first time in years (I’ve made a point this year of donating to every group that Obama targets). And I don’t own or use guns! It’s purely a pro-Second Amendment thing for me.

    My desktop background is a pic of Sarah Palin and her rifle. :-)

    Good work. Stay on this issue!

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  28. Please help the NRA and defeat Obama or the country will not survive for 4 more years.

  29. If you can’t win fair, win dirty.

    same way the republicans’ve been playing politics these past thirty years, you mean? hey, it seems to work.

    …oh, wait, no, this IS different. the republicans seldom bother trying to win fair first…

  30. Chicago politics at its finest is completely true. One of the big under investigated stories of this election is that Obama has essentially won every election to every office he’s held by using dirty tricks. The evidence is on the internet in archived stories by the Suntimes and Tribune, unless they’ve been deleted, but the mainstream media is ignoring them.

  31. No, Diggs, the Constitution will not let us keep our guns.
    I was endowed with that right by my creator.
    The Constitution merely recognizes that.

    So my retention of arms (or, more to the point, my acquisition of more) comes from our God, not our Messiah. It’s what you might call “above his pay grade.”

    You & I hold that truth to be, well, self-evident.

  32. “Besides, every bit of what NRA claimed is true”

    Er… no. And clearly not so since otherwise I wouldn’t have to look elsewhere for that. They list 10 points. In short, clear sentences. What’s the problem with repeating them and demonstrating how they are true ?

    Can you suggest how even just point #1 is the truth rather than a lie ?
    No ? Awwww.

  33. I can. In the Illinois community in question, it’s illegal to have a handgun that’s unregistered, but there’s no legal way to register is because guns are banned if they aren’t already registered, and my understanding is there aren’t really any legally registered grandfathered firearms in those communities. NRA proposed a bill in IL legislature that would exempt anyone using a gun for self-defense in the home from prosecution for having an unregistered handgun. Obama voted against it.

    If you end up being prosecuted for using a gun in self-defense, then self-defense in the home with a gun is effectively illegal. The rest is arguing technicalities.

    Of course, that’s a moot point now that Wilmette, which was the community in question, has repealed its ban on handguns in the face of the Heller decision, which Obama also opposed.

  34. And you could have read that, if you followed the link I provided, or you had read this blog a few days ago when I debunked it then.

  35. Actually, it’s more straightforward than that. While Chicago adopted its ban by “permanently out of stock” registration, Wilmette made no pretenses of a registration law; they simply banned handguns outright without grandfathering, years after DeMar had purchased his gun. The description of the NRA/ISRA backed bill as being about gun registration is a complete fabrication on Annenberg Political “Fact” Check’s part.

  36. with the DC rulling

    your strawman arguement about Wilmette doesnt hold water or straw

  37. What was the argument about Wilmette? Prior to the Heller ruling, Barack Obama voted against a bill to immunize homeowners from Wilmette’s then existing gun ban from prosecution if they used a gun in self-defense in the home. He voted for it because he was concerned about weakening local gun bans. That’s a fact. Obama can’t run from that, no matter how much he might want to now.

    Heller has nothing to do with whether or not Obama supported criminalizing self-defense with a firearm in the home.

  38. NLcatter you are wrong.

    The only real thing a President does is appoint Judges. Who of the two would appoint judges to try and reverse Heller. Why that would be Obama.

    See that is why the NRA is against Obama.

  39. So, you actually admit that the ads are “false and misleading”? Wow, thanks for clarifying the NRA’s strategy on this.

  40. Democrats are Socialist and Communist?

    Y’all haven’t been lookin’ at the TV much lately, have ye? The only way GWB could nationalize things faster is by declaring martial law.

    Most of the folks here would make a piss-poor militia. If you can’t recognize the flimsiest propaganda and deception tactics like these NRA whoppers, you’re only good for cannon fodder. Useless in a guerrilla outfit.

    I’ll be thinking of you all this fall when I’m fillin’ my freezer and votin’ for Obama.

  41. Like many in Obamanation, Franglo’s obviously a man who values his liberty. Very noble, sir! You’re a regular Spartacus, and an inspiration to freedom-lovers everyhere.

  42. Okay, MT Hunte, let me see if I get this: Bush is bad because he’s a socialist? So you’re voting for Obama because he’s what, a secret libertarian? Mind-blowing, dude.

  43. Hi Douglas, this is what Hitler did when he was first elected.

    Please bring home the following:

    Louisianne tea bags family size (48)
    box of artificial sweetner (store brand okay)
    CC for later on tonight
    loaf of white bread
    real butter

    Making teriyaki steak with rice & veggies tonight.

    Love ya!

  44. Did I make any value judgments about GWB or Socialism? Hope you’ve been training for all of that conclusion-jumping your undertaking today.

  45. MT Hunter:

    Your transparent attempts to appear to be a simple country hunter are so transparent as to be laughable. No hunter I know talks like “I’ll be thinking of you all this fall when I’m fillin’ my freezer and votin’ for Obama.” Please go back to whatever Brownshirt Obama rock you crawled out from. If you’re not seriously willing to talk about whether or not the NRA claims are true or false, you’re not serious about this issue from either side, and thus aren’t adding anything to the debate.

  46. Wow, a completely baseless article. Why am I not surprised? The only references are towards other authoritarian blogs.

  47. Adam:

    Are you here to honestly debate the topic, or are you just shilling for the O-Man? I’m completely open to having a discussion about Obama’s record, and defending the NRA’s claims about it if you are. I’m confident in our position. Are you in yours?

  48. Sebastian,

    Of course they don’t want an honest debate. Their guy would lose an honest debate.

    They can’t name one gun control proposal their guy has ever voted against.

    But they have the unmitigated gall to say that the O-Man supports the 2nd Amendment.

    They have the unmitigated gall to call the NRA ad’s lies.

    They have the unmitigated gall to do all they can to suppress speech and debate.

    And they call us Authoritarian?

    I liked them better when they campaigned as gun-banners. At least that was honest.

  49. nlcatter says:

    September 26th, 2008 at 1:16 am
    I love to fuck with morons like you


    Ill use my M4 or my C4 and take your stupid family out
    We will enact legialtion requiring certification for home schooler

    will? already have


    You REALLY should read the Laws concerning what IS and isn’t considered a terroristic threat BEFORE someone reports you to the civil authoritites for this!

  50. NLCatter- i’ve found that little clowns such as you rarely have even a rudimentary working familiarity with the weapons with which you threaten others. While you may, indeed, own a semi-auto M-4 copy, I sincerely doubt that you have ever taken it out of your mother’s basement to practice. You are heading for a fall, little terrorist wannabe. One of these days, someone is liable to hear you muttering your gibberish to yourself and reach over and take away your playtoy – and then slap you silly when you whine and cry about it. In the meantime, you be careful how you play with your plastic toy. You might shoot off a toe – and you know how your mommy hates to have to clean up your messes.

  51. Sebastian says:
    September 26th, 2008 at 9:47 am
    “And you could have read that, if you followed the link I provided, or you had read this blog a few days ago when I debunked it then.”

    Er… no. If YOU had followed YOUR link, you’d get the point.

    You wrote a blog post above that says every one of these NRA claims is true and provide a link to Volokh to support that statement. If you follow the link you find the Volokh post claiming that Factcheck is being too harsh in their assessment of how misleading the NRA is, not that the NRA’s claims are true.

    Hence, if you could post something that could show these claims were all true rather than being lies, you might do that instead. Yet here we still are, waiting for that to happen.
    Yeah, I think we all know why that is.

  52. Actually he states Factcheck “has overstated its claims, and made several errors. ” and “Likewise, the NRA is not distorting Obama’s record when they accurately point out his advocacy for draconian gun controls, even if Obama offers generic platitudes about Second Amendment rights. Obama may sincerely believe that the various measures he has promoted are consistent with the Second Amendment; the NRA disagrees, and it is not factually inaccurate for the NRA to say so.”

    So you just show yourself to be another partisan hack who has no interest in looking up the facts. Sebastian has links to half a dozen sites w/ more information. I guess you just missed those, eh?

  53. Franglo’s comment was missing the obamaton signature:
    “I am Barack Hugochavez Obama and I approved this message” for all the americans who stick to guns and religion

  54. This coming from the guy who said “I want to make government cool” (From his speech a Columbia U.) wow sounds like B Hussein Obama is the real deal, a Socialist Revolutionarry. Playing off the fears of people taking advantage of the hard times America faces. Isn’t that the same way men like Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini came to power. He follows their formula of using class warfare to gain support for his regime. A politician so hell bent on POWER he will do anything to win. A man that believes he knows best on all counts!!!! I remember hearing both B Hussein and Michelle saying somthing about “the world as it should be”. THE WORLD AS IT SHOULD BE? Accoriding to who? If that doesnt sound like the words of some UTOPIAN DICTAITOR I dont know what does!!!!

  55. Sen. Obama will indeed tax every thing he can get away with so he can give tax breaks to his so-called 95% of the U.S which was discovered today to be not true. Yes he is going to ban guns even though Biden says no, but Biden will not be able to stop Obama. Check the bail-out plan, pelosi is giving to Obama for illinois alot of money for ACORN, Not any other state.
    Hillary was right about Obama. Beware!! Vote McCain and Hillary can come back 2012!!
    Stop Obama! He is in the pocket of pelosi,Reid, and Oprah! 700-billion and Obama,Pelosi and reid and Paulson control it.

    Good luck to Pennsylvania, Ohio, and every other state about to loose their right to free speech, Obama will sue you and take your guns, higher your taxes,Force you to government supplemented health care, and know one can see this coming???

    Former hunter

  56. “Sebastian has links to half a dozen sites w/ more information. I guess you just missed those, eh?”

    Certainly missed the one that can paint point #1 as anything other than a lie.
    Missed the part where you or anyone else can post something other than a vague reference to any supporting info.
    Missed the meeting where everyone decided to look this lame and transparent in not being able to post something conclusive rather than just copy/pasting something that confirms these totally true claims.

    Again, let’s all pretend to be retarded enough to be confused as to why that is.

  57. Kilo, what’s confusing about this? Xlrq is a lawyer, and he’s familiar with Wilmette’s laws. If you can go to jail for defending yourself with a gun in your home, then defending yourself with a gun in your home is illegal. The IL Senate passed a bill to exempt people from prosecution for defending themselves with a gun in their homes, and Barack Obama voted against it. That’s public record. You can look it up yourself. If you’re not willing to check the claim yourself, and just keep insisting that it’s false, you’re a bitter retard than you claim us to be.

  58. Yes, the constitution “guarantees” our rights in writing, however, the only true guarantee are those willing to take a stand to protect that document. If you have a bunch of thugs running the government, they don’t care about the document, it is then up to true Americans to stand up and fight, whether its with polictical action or at the last resort, bloodshed, using those very guns to take back America. America’s Founding Fathers were no fools and fully realized that the human heart is desperately wicked and that absolute power corrupts. Human nature has not changed. There will always be those who seek to enslave the population and hopefully there will be enough brave souls to stand up and fight for true freedom, not just some bogus liberal utopia that will never work.

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  61. Obama has gotten so used to the main stream media defending him for so long, Obama responds to any opposition by trying to stifle free speech. Obama is trying to weaken America, by taking away our rights to bear arms, by weakening our military, by blocking offshore drilling, by making nice with our enemies, and by proposing an economic policy which will bring us to our knees. If Obama gets elected, within four years, America will be a third world country.

  62. I agree that Obama will destroy this country. I am no fan of Hillary Clinton, nor do I trust her to protect our Constitutional rights, but she was so right when she said Obama is an empty suit. He conned a lot of people from the very beginning that he was supposedly a new kind of politician, able to bring people together. Never mind that HE HAS NO EXPERIENCE DOING SO, his resume is as thin as the newby college graduate who thinks he has all the answers and is ENTITLED to a huge salary with his first job. He’s just your typical liberal Democrat, he’s just the same old Democrat con game that’s gone on for the last 40 years. And then there’s Biden, whose been pulling cons just about that length of time who thinks Roosevelt was on TV in the 1930’s. How nimrods like that get elected over and over again is amazing. The only answer is the voters are dim wits too.

  63. Typical of the Obama tactics in the Illinois senatorial election. He’s already threatend O’Reilly and Hanity, do you think a Chicago political gangster will stop at anything? Think again.

  64. 1. Obama challenges the 2nd Amendment … The Right To Bear Arms.

    2. Obama challenges the 1st Amendment … The right of Free Speech.
    Obama pressures all media who accepts NRA advertising.

    3. Obama wants a Civil National Security Force … with the same budget as the Pentagon.

    So, Obama does not want any opposition, so he stops Freedom of Speech.
    Then, to make any opposition defenseless, he wants to take away our right to bear arms.
    Next, he wants a Civil National Security force to put down any insurrection.

    Sounds like the stepping stones to a leftist dictator taking over this country.

  65. I can’t imagine anyone with a smidgin of interest in RKBA would believe that Obama would ever support civilian gun ownership, in any form. It’s just too laughable to even consider.

    As for what is a right, or what isn’t, and where it comes from … all interesting theoretical discussions. The cold hard fact of the matter is this …

    You only have the rights you are willing to fight for.

    Organize, contribute, agitate, spread the word. NFW Obama.

    Obama, the community organizer is in thick with a far leftist group called ACORN. Not only is this group quite adept at vote fraud for the benifit of the democratic party, OBAMA’S ACORN PLAYED A BIG PART IN THE CURRENT BANK FAILURE FIASCO. ACORN intimidated banks to give bad loans with thuggish tactics. Most of the democrat party is in bed with ACORN and they also pressured the lending institutions. This garbage started with the Carter admininstration. Clinton participated as well. There are a lot of demoncrats in power today that are in ACORNS pocket, the very people who denied these lending practices would cause any financial problems and the same morons still in power today, who are now supposedly fixing the problem with a bailout.
    IT IS INCREDIBLE THAT SO MANY STUPID PEOPLE ARE LOOKING TO OBAMA TO SOLVE THIS ECONOMIC DISASTER WHEN OBAMA AND HIS COMRADS ARE THE VERY ONES WHO CONTRIBUTED TO THE PROBLEM. Hey, but take heart Obamanoids, when you’ve lost your job and are scrounging for something to eat because of Obama’s incompetance, be happy for your Messiah Obama and his rich fat cat demoncrat thugs, for they will still have their jobs in Washington and they will never miss a meal.

  67. I’m an NRA member, have a concealed carry permit from the state of Ohio, a .45 Smith & Wesson I carry for protection and I have no qualms voting for Obama. When you say there was nothing incorrect in the NRA ads about Obama’s history you’re wrong. I cleared up the misconceptions here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Qaq8M3R_LY I welcome any gun owner to watch that and debate me on the points.

  68. Scott Isaacs –

    You just flatly state that Obama doesn’t want to do this or that regarding gun control initiatives. That clears up nothing and only states your opinion … which is flatly misinformed. I am from Chicago and have a pretty solid understanding of Obama … his beliefs, consorts, positions, and much more importantly, his history in both the Illinois legislature and the US Senate.

    Regarding gun rights, you have no friends in Barack Obama. If you are unwilling to look objectively at the man’s record regarding the second amendment, then you are beyond hope in comprehending this issue.

    Best wishes.

  69. Bah, for a minute I thought this was a real issue. Thanks for getting me excited over nothing. The ads are undeniably misleading(all political ads, hell, all ads are misleading). Made up and overblown crap just makes us look desperate. We should be confident, cool, and collected going into this election. Histrionics only helps the Dems. Find something real to go after, or don’t bother.

  70. Theres goods and theres bads to this.

    1. You will never stop guns from getting into the hands of people, ever.
    2. It will stop people who cant get guns from suicide
    3. less gang wars, shootups, drive-bys, etc.
    4. Obama will just get assassinated if they take peoples guns away. (remember you cant get rid of them all) and people are going to know whats going on before it completely wipes out. Once the first person just gets their guns taken away for no reason at all, they will probably tell everyone and it will spread like crazy and then itll link back to something like this and they will know its true. but until then i dont think its necessarily bad.

  71. Im gonna add something that no one else has said. If the government can take your guns then they can take anything. What is the first thing hitler took? if you guessed books your a moron it was guns. Second, how are the non gun owners going to take guns from the gun owners??? cause obama says so? I have a custom M4 carbine with 20 mags and training by the Us government that says COME TRY IT. ANd for all you liberal pussies that thinks the US Army or Marines will take the guns from Americans then you are really dreaming because almost everyone in the military is a gun owner and has families who are gun owners so you are just shit out of luck.

  72. What a bunch of morons! Would you believe the old chicken little story “The sky is falling!” also. Wake up and think for yourselves!

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