Begun, These Sign Wars Have

Bitter and I just got back from counterattacking the Patrick Murphy Campaign.  We placed Tom Manion signs at an untouched main roadway where there was a good bit of public property.  We also counterattacked two Murphy positions at key exits.  We ran out of ammunition (signs) and were unable to continue the fight.  We will resupply, and attack the remaining positions sometime this week.  We cannot allow a sign gap!  Take that, you gun banning asshole!

People might argue that signage doesn’t matter, but it does.  A lot of people really aren’t very aware of congressional races, and you don’t want them to just see Murphy signs around.  You want your candidate’s name to stick in their heads, so when they start looking for election information, they remember.  This is epsecially important if you’re not an incumbent.

Signs are also a form of psychological warfare.  When the Murphy people drive by their signs tomorrow morning, they will know Manion people are in the area, ready to ambush their turf and match them sign for sign.  It’s incredibly demoralizing.  Manion supporters will also know that they have neighbors who support their candidate, and they aren’t freaks after all.  It’s always good to let your people know they aren’t freaks.

But most importantly, it’s a moral booster for you, the activist.  There’s fun in the attack, knowing it will anger Murphy’s Minions. As you thrust each sign into (hopefully) soft earth, you can take great satisfaction in thinking “Ha!  Here’s a nice little f*&k you from the NRA, Pat!  Stick that in your assault weapons ban and smoke it!”  If you don’t really like people, putting out signs is a great way to contribute.

4 thoughts on “Begun, These Sign Wars Have”

  1. Why does this sound so much like gang warfare? Just replace signs and votes with graffiti and bullets.

    I’m sure there’s a thesis in there somewhere for a hyperactive psychology grad student…

  2. Is it legal to print up small signs that say “Hates puppies” in the same color your opponent chose for his signage and stick them directly underneath his?

  3. State College Borough is, of course, full of Obama signs, but my township, five miles away, is awash with McCain signs (and local politicians).

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