Gun Blog Rifle League Summer Match Results

I finally got them compiled and posted.  Be sure to let me know if I forgot to include anyone’s entry.  It’s quite possible I did, considering I did this in pieces.  Also check for mistakes.  Congratulations to the match winners:

And thanks for participating to Armed Citizen, Leadchucker, Danno, Sailorcurt, and Mike Gallo.  Sorry it took so long to get the results posted, but time was in short supply this fall.  The combined Fall/Winter match will be posted shortly, and will be a Kalashnikov/SKS match.  In addition, I’m going to bring the smallbore match in to 25 yards so that people may shoot it indoors.  I am considering eliminating the scope class for this match since everyone seems to be shooting iron sights.

UPDATE: Forgot AughtSix’s smallbore results, which made him the match winner.

2 thoughts on “Gun Blog Rifle League Summer Match Results”

  1. Thanks again for running the match. I really appreciate it.

    I hate to say it, but you missed my smallbore submission. It was in the same email as the tube-gun scores.

  2. Let me go back and add that. Sorry about that. One thing I need to do is come up with a consistent entry submission process so I don’t lose things.

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