Manion Running Last Year’s Issue

Bucks Right has a very insightful post on Congressional Candidate Tom Manion’s latest ad that’s running on the Iraq War.  I agree with him.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be supporting Manion in the election, but I worry if his campaign is spending its very limited cash resources running ads that aren’t going to win him the election.  No doubt the GOP fronted Manion because he could go toe to toe with Murphy on the Iraq issue, but that’s fallen from the front of people’s minds this election, and he’s going to need to distinguish himself on other issues if he wants to win.

3 thoughts on “Manion Running Last Year’s Issue”

  1. I’ve heard that this is only an introductory commercial, for voters who haven’t been reached by the website, and that further commercials are in the works. Don’t worry. Soon we will all be talking about Congressman Manion, not Congressman Murphy!

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