DC Gun Sales Start Next Tuesday

You’ll be able to transfer a firearm in the Distirct of Columbia starting next Tuesday.  You’ll pay monopoly prices for the transfer though, $125 dollars, as there’s only one FFL in the district who’s willing to do transfers.  Sykes says he’s getting several calls a day about transfers.  At that price, I suspect not many people are going to bite.  Hopefully Josh Sugarmann will see the light and put his own FFL to good use.  A couple hundred bucks a day is probably more than VPC is making now!

4 thoughts on “DC Gun Sales Start Next Tuesday”

  1. Nothing wrong with a little capitalism, I suppose. Either way, Sugarmann should definitely see the cash cow for what it is and take advantage of his FFL – after all, he has to sell things, does he not?

  2. With all of the background checks and restrictions DC hs put on guns Sugarmann should have no problem transferring guns to law abiding citizens. Its not like he wants nobody to own guns. He just wants “reasonable” restrictions.

  3. Actually, Sugarmann is one of the few gun control advocates that’s honest enough to say he wants to ban all handguns.

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