More on the Peter Manso Indictment

The Examiner rightly takes the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to task as author Peter Manso faces the possibility of ten years in prison because his previously lifetime Firearms Identification license expired, and he didn’t know to renew it.  They go on to state:

The more intricate and technical the law becomes, the harder it is to understand, respect and abide by. It’s irresistably tempting for many people to ignore the law’s sillier restrictions, and all too easy to unwittingly fall behind in paperwork — at the cost of years behind bars if a local official wants to be by-the-book about such things.

And, of course, offending local officials then comes to carry a hefty penalty in terms of selective enforcement of arcane law.

Exactly.  This is something the Brady Campaign would like to quietly sweep under the rug, because this isn’t really a bug in their eyes, it’s a feature.  Look how easily guys like Bryan Miller dismiss these concerns.  They want gun owners in jail.  It’s where they think we belong.

2 Responses to “More on the Peter Manso Indictment”

  1. Ninth Stage says:

    I don’t think they want gun owners in jail so much.

    What they really want is non-owners to fear getting a gun. As old gunnies die off to be replaced by “properly” educated children/comrades the antis approach their endgame

  2. OrangNeckInNY says:

    When does the liberation start??


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