Our Gun Nutty Blackwater Transportation

There’s nothing gun bloggers like better than Blackwater provided transportation of a shot up car.  Blackwater is the largest single buyer of used cars in the State of North Carolina.  They buy them for everything from stunt driving to their own version of Smash Up Derby, usually involving a lot of breaking through barricades, and often firepower.

The really great thing was that I managed to fish about 40 once fired Lake City brass out of the vehicle.  The really funny thing is, the radio in the vehicle still worked just fine.  I guess the Blackwater mechanics have their priorities in order.  Thanks to Blackwater for telling us “Hey, if you need some help getting to and from your range, the keys are in the ignition of those shot up cars, feel free to use them.”

3 thoughts on “Our Gun Nutty Blackwater Transportation”

  1. A head shot on my F-150 would be down low, just in front of the starboard door. That’s where the ECU lives. One would think serious operators would try for that.

  2. On vacation, and still hunting for brass. Truly a gun nut.

    That is so cool.

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