Careful Over There

A Pennsylvania man gets busted for having a loaded gun in his car.  He has an LTCF in Pennsylvania, but not for New Jersey.  My bet is he forgot he had the gun in the car.  I do not normally keep loaded guns in my car, but I do often keep my range bag in the car.  You don’t know how often I’ve had to turn around because I suddenly realized I had hollow tip .22LR rounds in my vehicle, which is a serious crime in New Jersey.  Gun owners would be wise, before entering New Jersey, to do a complete vehicle search of their cars to ensure there is no hollow point ammunition floating around in it.  Definitely check to make sure you don’t have a firearm in the vehicle.

New Jersey laws are designed to do one thing: put firearms owners and shooters in jail.  Keep that in mind when traveling over the river where the second amendment does not apply.

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  1. kaveman – there have been many similar incidents in NJ.

    Sometimes they get slapped with one count per hollow-point round. Imagine if you forgot a box of cheap .22 HPs in your car…

    But yeah, he’s screwed.

  2. Can anybody tell me if New Jersey is the only state with a law against “possession of penetrating bullets”?

    I mean seriously, WTF is that about? Don’t all bullets penetrate material with a lesser density?

  3. Sebastian:

    Now that the Heller decision has been affirmed, I think it is damn well time that New Jersey’s entire structure of prohibitive and draconian gun laws get challenged in a a second amendment case.

  4. Don:

    We need to get the second amendment applied to the states first, and Chicago is the best venue for that right now.

  5. I’d love to have been a fly on the wall back when these Jersey politicians sat around and discussed their idea on banning hollow-points. I believe this had to have happened some 40 years ago, back when most of New Jersey’s wacky gun-grabbing laws got passed to begin with. Did these people honestly think back then that FMJ bullets would be “safer” if and when somebody got shot by them? Or, were they simply just thinking that hollow-point bullets were a gazillion times more lethal than any other type of bullets?

    I’ll bet that either one or all of those New Jersey politician jokers back then had just TV shows and movies for their general frame of reference in regards to what firearms and bullets are actually capable of. This was back when “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” was on television, and James Bond was hugely popular in the cinema.

  6. It’s sad but true. Hollow point ammo is banned in NJ. NYC police officers crossing over into NJ is liable to get arrested just like the rest of us, because NY cops use Hollow Point bullets in their firearms. Why? Because Hollow Point ammo do not ricochet like FMJ bullets do. FMJ bullets are what NJ cops are required to use. They banned HP bullets (in a round of ‘feel-good’ legislation idiocy) because the idiot politicians think they are more dangerous than FMJs, but they don’t realize that FMJs have a greater tendency to ricochet and hit an innocent bystander. NY Police adopted the use of HP bullets because of this. This is the perfect example of not using any common sense from the folks over there in NJ. HOWEVER, if you use a Jacketed Hollow Point, there’s no way they can tell, is there?

  7. That’s NOTHING! In Mass our opression is BETTER! Here not only will a .22 (Hollow or solid) land you in Jail, but even spent cases, bullets, even novelty jewlry made from ammo could land you in the grey bar hotel if you don’t have a mass firearms licence ($100 + Training course good for only 1 year for non-residents)

  8. I suppose you could use JSP’s or EFMJ’s, though I wouldn’t want to be stopped and have to explain that while they aren’t FMJ they’re not HP’s either.

  9. Evan (Nappen), a dear fellow, has said: the difference between Pennsylvania and New Jersey is that, in Pennsylvania everything (weapon-wise) is legal – with certain exceptions; in New Jersey everything is illegal – with certain exceptions. I know they have arrested travelers passing through the state; they have harassed Pa Cops; and, they’ve even tried to bust Federal law enforcement officers.

    One notes that, in going over to New Jersey, the bridges are free, however, in coming back to Pennsylvania, one must pay a toll: I’ve always considered this to be a ransom.

    Old saying: Will the last American out of New Jersey please bring the colors.”

  10. They are not illegal until they are put in a gun.

    You are allowed to have them in your home. You can have them loaded in a gun in your home. You are allowed to transport them to a range and shoot them at the range.

    You are NOT allowed to have them loaded in a gun outside of your home or a range.

  11. I live in SC. My CWP instructor was a police officer for the city of Greenville. Back in ’98 when I took his course he told us of a group of officers from the GPD who had to travel through NJ on their way to some Law Enforcement type instruction. They called ahead along the route that they would travel to find out how different states wanted certain types of equipment transported. NJ flatly told them that if anybody came into NJ with any firearms, they would be arrested. No professional courtesy would be extended to LEOs. They made arrangements to not travel through NJ.

    Welcome to the PRNJ!

  12. It was not until I got in the Navy, and met so many other people from across the country, that I gained the impression that so many people from across the country hate New Jersey.

    Stories such as Mark B’s above now make me understand why.

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