Preparing for Blackwater

I’ll be pretty light posting today, due to preparations for Blackwater.  Tonight I need to hit the range, just to polish up a bit too.  A bit of bad news in that Bitter will not be attending with me.  She got a last minute invite to the launch of Sportsmen for McCain in Scranton this weekend, and it was just too good of a networking opportunity for her to pass up.

I will be covering the training with Todd Jarrett while I’m there.  Blackwater has seen to it that we have WiFi, so we should be in good shape for coverage.  And don’t forget Michael Bane will be there filming for both Down Range TV, and The Shooting Gallery

3 thoughts on “Preparing for Blackwater”

  1. I got my range time in Sun & last night, although I may do some more tonight.
    To bad Bitter can’t make it, perhaps another time.

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