Blackwater Training Pro-Athletes

Plaxico Burris could have definitely used this.   I don’t think most professional athletes have been shining examples of responsible gun ownership, but I don’t think Blackwater is doing us a disservice either.  The athletes who are sensible enough to seek out training aren’t going to be the ones we have to worry about making gun ownership look foolish.  Pro-athletes are high profile people who have serious personal protection concerns.  Kudos to Blackwater for offering professional athletes the opportunity to learn how to protect themselves safely.

One thought on “Blackwater Training Pro-Athletes”

  1. Slightly OT, but I’m waiting to see Blackwater form private Marine companies for shipboard security against pirates…Blackwater Marines…I like the sound of that.

    Some ship captains say they’re reluctant to provide arms to the crew for fear of mutiny. That’s a stick and carrot issue. On the carrot side, don’t treat your crews like total crap. On the stick side, armed Blackwater Marines, loyal only to the company and captain, would not only provide security against pirates but also deter crew mutinies at sea.

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