First Impressions

On Blackhawk:

These guys are making and designing a lot of cool gear.  SayUncle and I were particularly interested in their upcoming tactical stocks for the Ruger 10/22.  We saw a prototype version, and they say the final production version will be better, which is good because I thought the prototype was pretty sharp.  Blackhawk has been absolutely great to us as bloggers, giving us two different holsters that work with the 1911s we’re using.

On Blackwater:

As Tam and Kevin said, it’s like Disneyland for gun nuts.  It’s a really impressive facility.  Blackwater has been completely open with us, gave us a pretty thorough tour of the facility, and let us drive around their track in the Blackhawk Bus.  If Blackwater has a reputation for being creepy mercinaries, I’ve gotten none of that impression so far.  So far, my only impression is of a world class training facility.  Though, they do have black helicopters.

On Todd Jarrett:

Todd is a true professional.  I’ve very much enjoyed the instruction so far, and have discovered shooting steel is about the most fun you can have and still keep your clothes on.  Plus, excuse my jumping up and down like a little girl (which Caleb is), but Todd Jarrett complimented my shooting!  Tomorrow is definitely going to be fun, and I don’t care how hot it is out.  He’s corrected a few things I was doing, and I’m going to do my best to stick with his instructions.

On the Para LDA:

It’s a little too early to draw a final conclusion, but for this Glock shooter I find the LDA trigger to be very familiar and comfortable.  Keep in mind I do not own a 1911 currently, so I am not, by any means, a 1911 critic, but I can compare it to what I’m familiar with.  The operation is similar to a Glock trigger, in that you have take up, and then a point where it breaks, but the action is a bit lighter than with the Glock, and I shoot a little better with it.

More pictures and impressions to come along later.

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