Obama’s Anti-Gun Running Mate

Now that Drudge has likely leaked the identity of Obama’s running mate, there are a few things gun owners should know about him.

  1. NRA rated him as D- in his last election.
  2. One reason is because he’s a liar. Take this example:

    Sen. Bayh pledged last year [2004] to support legislation to block frivolous lawsuits against the firearm industry, and NRA sent a letter to Indiana members encouraging them to thank him. Sen. Bayh failed to honor his pledge and voted for the Reed amendment to completely gut S.397. When the Reed substitute was soundly defeated 63 to 33, Bayh voted against final passage of the bill.

  3. Bayh refused to sign on to legislation that would honor the Second Amendment rights of Washington, DC and would not sign on to an amicus brief in Heller with more than 54 of his colleagues in the Senate. It would seem he considers some to be more equal than others – a theme I’m sure Obama loves.
  4. He doesn’t support concealed carry reciprocity across the country, as evidenced by his refusal to sign on to S.388. Nor did he join a majority of his colleagues in supporting honoring state laws on firearms possession in National Parks through letters to the Department of Interior.
  5. He beat Paul Helmke’s ass in a landside – the largest a Democrat has ever won in an Indiana statewide election. No word on if that speaks to Paul’s suckitude or Bayh’s appeal. Based on what we see in the gun world, likely the former.

5 thoughts on “Obama’s Anti-Gun Running Mate”

  1. Yeah, but they do have a company that’s making Obama/Bayh bumper stickers that Obama has contracted for other campaign materials in this race…

  2. There’s no freakin’ way. Biden is a joke. And if he’s not, well, that makes it even easier since he is extremely anti-gun, even attacking the gun owner who asked a question in the YouTube debate.

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