Todd Jarrett at Work

I have been very impressed with Todd’s instruction.  Todd is mostly concentrating on tips and techniques that will make us better shooters.  I have never done shooting on the move before, and never shot at anything that moved except for clay birds.  I thought I did pretty decently on both, doing my best to follow some of Todd’s advise.  The cool thing about what Todd has taught us, is that I think I could come back and show other people his tips.  Here are some pictures below of Todd Jarrett at work.  Click on the pictures to see descriptions of what you’re seeing.

Now I just have to go home and practice, practice, practice everything Todd has taught.

One Response to “Todd Jarrett at Work”

  1. OrangNeckInNY says:

    How are you going to practice the moving targets course? Are there any ranges in PA that offer that? If so, I am so there!


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