Law Abiding Gun Owner

In York County, Pennsylvania, we have an example of a concealed carry permit holder doing the right thing:

Instead, a man, Douglas Need, had been driving recklessly when he swerved in front of a car and was hit in the rear. In a fit of road rage, he stormed out of his car, went back to two young women and a baby in the car that hit his, reached through the driver’s window and started beating the driver very violently. She was able to break free and drive her car to the only place she could go — the parking lot next to the street. Need ran back to his car, squealed his tires into the parking lot and looked as though he was going to broadside the women’s car with them still inside.

Read the whole thing.  This time, the press covered it, because there was a body.  In most instances where attackers decide discretion is the better part of valor, no such coverage will be forthcoming.

Hat Tip: War on Guns

3 thoughts on “Law Abiding Gun Owner”

  1. Sounds to me like Douglas Need was itching to hurt someone, given the state of mind he was in, and didn’t care who it was. He intentionally caused the accident, which might have looked like it was the fault of the female driver who “hit” him so that he could use that as an excuse to assault the woman. Like the saying goes, “Evil prospers when Good does nothing.”

  2. I note that “Computer Steve” (and I can just envision what he looks like) was actually BRAGGING about allowing a woman to get raped.

    This ought to end any misconception that gun control trash are motivated by any sort of decency. Rather, they are abject cowards who want to prevent anyone else from doing something heroic, lest they rightly be seen as the inferior trash they are.

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