Do These People Sleep Through The Training Class?

This guy is a bozo:

Police say Webb was waiting in his car outside a Price Cutter store, 3260 E. Battlefield Road , when he saw the purse- snatching occur.

The thief hopped into a waiting sport utility vehicle, and Webb pursued the man.

He allegedly cornered the SUV in a nearby motel parking lot, and fired three shots with a 9mm handgun at the vehicle, an apparent attempt to disable its tires.

The purse thief’s vehicle escaped, and Webb allegedly engaged in a chase that reached speeds of 80 mph.

Shooting out the tires eh?  Where have I heard this before? Truth is he probably endangered life more with the 80mph high speed chase than trying to shoot out the tires, but shooting out the tires is probably what he’s going to get in the most trouble for.  It is never a good idea to bring deadly force into a property crime.  The police are better equipped to deal with this kind of situation.

4 thoughts on “Do These People Sleep Through The Training Class?”

  1. Sigh…the anti’s will have fun with this.

    I agree. He is a bozo. Take the license plate and call the cops.

  2. Well from what I heard over here in Ohio, most of the classes are boring enough that most people do sleep through them. Most are more concerned with where the pistol parts are, than how to carry, mindset, & what you can & cannot do legally.

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