Detroit Population Problems

Detroit has a long standing problem of population loss.  Now it’s getting so bad, even the dead are leaving [Former link to an article talking about people being dug up and moved in Detroit].  I think Mike Nutter needs to make Philadelphia’s new slogan “Philadelphia: We’re not Detroit.”  Pride has to start somewhere, you know.

UPDATE: Someone in the comments points out that this could be bad news for the Democratic Party, since the dead are an important political constituency for them.

7 thoughts on “Detroit Population Problems”

  1. The dead are leaving Detroit? Is this the start of the Zombie Invasion? Let me go load up my 30-rd AR mags….

  2. Aren’t the dead an important democratic constituency, especially in the big cities?

  3. you’re thinking of Chicago, Jim. Detroit’s no better — in fact it may be worse — but it’s bad in different ways.

  4. Even the dead are leaving, because there’s nothing left for anyone in the rotting necropolis bounded by Eight Mile Road, Ecorse Avenue, Telegraph Road, and Lake St. Clair.

    Even zombies gotta have SOMETHING. Even if it’s just BRAAAAAAAAAAINS. Everybody who had any brains left Detroit a hell of a long time ago.

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