What Is It?

A friend of mine has a mysterious pyrotechnic, or at least we think it’s a pyrotechnic.  It’s basically a giant cake with a fuse sticking out of it.  It was found in his dad’s basement.  No idea what it does, or how old it is.

Mystery Cake

We’re thinking it’s either going to put on a nice pyrotechnic display, or blow a giant hole in the yard.  Needless to say, it can’t be set off in our quiet suburbs.  Has anyone seen such a pyrotechnic device before?  Any idea what it does?  Should I be scared?

18 Responses to “What Is It?”

  1. USCitizen says:

    It could be a pyrotechnics lauch charge – or something else. The bomb squad would probably be better able to judge.

    From the picture, though it may be a chocolate cake with a BlackCat firecracker jammed in the side.

    Whatever it is, I would not recommend storing it inside a keg of nails or ball bearings.

    Seriously, call the BATFE boys and have ’em haul it away.

  2. RAH says:

    It looks like a firework. Basically a repeater. Check Phantom fireworks website.

    Repeaters may have 100 or more charges that go in sequence from the original fuse. They can be quite spectacular. Tear off the paper top and check it out. or set in off in a safe place.

    I have used repeaters of that size before.

  3. Countertop says:

    I’d call the bomb squad, or at least the fire department.

    Have them set it off – but be sure to take pictures and blog it.

  4. Sanchez aka "Jack of All Trades" says:

    It is your civic duty to protect your fellow citizens from harm and dispose of it. Of course guys in the bomb squad, fire department, and BATFE are fellow citizens. So you’ll have to dispose of it yourself. I say you put it in the gas bucket and shoot fireballs at it.

  5. jones says:

    I’m going with RAH. Under the brown paper should be a series of tubes. Those will shoot displays when lit.


  6. Cliff says:

    Hey guys, the Fire Department is not equipped to handle explosives; they just pick up the pieces afterwards and put out the flames. If you are going to have experts dispose of it, call the police and ask for EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal).

  7. Sebastian says:

    I’m 99% sure it’s a pyrotechnic. The question is, how cool is it?

  8. Doctor S. says:

    bomb squad? really? These fireworks are legal in SC. It will probably launch a bunch of little fountain style rockets.

  9. DJK says:

    Why not just cut the top paper open and have a look-see? Then, if it’s got the inter tubes take it into a field and light it off!

  10. Rustmeister says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s a repeater as well. We do lots of fireworks here, and I’ve seen those before.

    Do like DJK says and open up the top.

  11. Joe Huffman says:

    I’ve seen things that match the picture and the description of what others are calling repeaters.

    I’m not going to take responsibility for anyone else doing this but I would remove the top paper (as suggested by others) to verify.

    What I wouldn’t do is trust the fuse of unknown age and condition. If I had a safe place to use the pyrotechnic device with fire suppression tools at the ready I’d poke a hole in a cigarette and put the fuse in that. Then light the cigarette. It might be a five minute fuse but it will be safer that a five millisecond fuse.

  12. Nomen Nescio says:

    i’d use a small wad of steel wool as a fuse-lighter and heat it using a 12V battery over as long a pair of wires as will get you (and your battery) behind cover.

    oh yeah, and in a deserted area as large as you’d need in case it turns out to be designed for stump removal after all, of course. and at nighttime, in case it turns out to be very pretty to look at.

  13. tjbbpgob says:

    The very last people I would call would be one of the alphabet agency’s. Do what the other people tell you, find a nice lonesome spot and detonate if after opening and checking for fireworks.

  14. RAH says:

    You can get fuses from a firework supplier. I have about 25 feet. A nice field is a good place to set it off. It probably will go off for 5-10 min since it looks like it has 100 or better tubes.

  15. DJK says:

    That very well might be a Bidet…. and the “fuses” are a sort of plumbing that you light.

  16. chris says:

    it looks like a launch charge for a aerial display… while it is probably not dangerous to set off, it is kinda like shooting ammo that you pick up off the ground at the range… are you willing to loose body parts to find out?

  17. Turk Turon says:

    I agree with Sanchez: “I say you put it in the gas bucket and shoot fireballs at it.”

  18. Billll says:

    Looks like a big repeater. Pack it in Styrofoam, and send it to me, and I’ll dispose of it properly. I’ll even include video.
    PS: I will also safely remove old firearms and ammo from your home, free of charge.