Another Former Californian

Linoge has moved out of California to escape the insanity.  I certainly don’t blame him, but some advice that Cam Edwards always offers, and I think it’s good advice, is to stay a member of your former home state’s association, and stay active fighting there as best you can.  Someone has to fight the good fight.  I’m a member of both the Pennsylvania and New Jersey state associations.

We wish him luck in his new pro-gun home of Tennessee, which I think it might actually be legal to punch hippies, rather than be ruled by them.

2 Responses to “Another Former Californian”

  1. Linoge says:

    Thanks for the good wishes, though I do take offense at your post title – I never was, and never will be, a “Californian” ;).

    Unfortunately, due to my being out of the state fully 75% of the time I “lived” there (and people wonder why I left the Navy), I did not join any of the local organizations… kind of a bad reflection on me, but I hope to make up for it here in Tennessee. We just looked at a house today, and could hear an outdoor range not too far off… too bad the house was massively too large, and far too expensive, for our needs…

  2. kaveman308 says:

    Good on ya, Linoge.

    As a native Oregonian, I’m still uncomfortable just sharing a border with your former country.