That Job Thing

Just to update everyone on the job situation — I have accepted a position at a new employer. I will start sometime in the next few weeks. While I have managed to keep the blog up, and be very busy at work before, I have little idea how this new job will affect my schedule. Needless to say, starting a new job is going to require extra effort. It is my plan to use WordPress’s scheduling feature to get some posts up before work in the morning, add a few over lunch, and then do a few more when I get home, according to roughly the same schedule I did before when I was working.

Needless so say, I’m happy my period of unemployment will soon be at an end, even if I’m nervous and apprehensive about starting a new job. I am hoping for the best, and that it will be a challenging job, and that the work will be interesting. I’m moving back into the engineering space a bit. I am at the same time both excited and nervous about that. I appreciate everyone’s support over my job woes, and hope you’ll be patient if the blogging schedule gets a bit out of whack from having to put in some extra time to come up to speed at a new job.

17 thoughts on “That Job Thing”

  1. Congrats! Yeah that first week on the job is the worst. Thankfully its all uphill from there, and beats the shit out of being unemployed.

  2. Great! I hate the whole looking for a new job thing, almost as much as I hate moving.

  3. I’d say good luck, but you don’t need any luck. You’ll do just fine on merit alone.

  4. Congratulations! I lost my job a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately my wife has a good job. If you know anyone looking for CPA let me know! I will be moving to West Chester, PA in February.

  5. Congratulations! Good luck and God bless in your new job. After months of following your ups and downs of job hunting, I’m really happy for you. Funny to feel that way for a total stranger, but you’ve benefited me every day for years- it’s a great thing to see good to come into your life.

    1. Thanks. It was certainly difficult. I don’t really ever want to shut down a company again like I did. Whatever severance they are paying isn’t worth it.

  6. Best of luck. Your life comes first, so blogging might have to be lighter. Doesn’t mean we won’t be here.

  7. Congrats…

    Glad to hear you got something. Worst thing you can do in this market is sit too long and get a big gap on your resume.

    Didn’t want to see that happen to you.

    – Jason

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