Crickets …

… over at the ACLU.  You’d imagine that one of the most prominent decisions regarding the Bill of Rights in years would at least be deserving of a mention.

UPDATE: Looks like they did release something, but it’s not prominent.

6 Responses to “Crickets …”

  1. gattsuru says:

    Oh, they stooped down and left a nice steaming load now.

    Apparently there was some Supreme Court dicta about a “collective right”, which the current court “reinterpreted”. DC’s law became a “victim of that reinterpretation.” “It is too early to know how much of a constitutional straitjacket the new rule will create.”

    If there was any doubt about the alliances and biases of the ACLU — the group that’s been willing to defend and employ pedophiles — let’s get rid of them here and now.

  2. Earl Turner says:

    The ACLU’s website does mention today’s Heller decision, but it’s buried within a comprehensive article on other unrelated Supreme Court decisions and limited to just three paragraphs.

  3. Y. says:

    One wonders whether they’ll modify their FAQ:

  4. DirtCrashr says:

    The Crickets were a band with Buddy Holley – the ACLU plays drums in the Red Army Marching Band…

  5. BC says:

    Oh, hey, Sebastian — did you see this?

    “In limiting its opinion to the matter of self-defense, and in saying the right is not absolute, the United States Supreme Court decision today is an explicit statement of support for cities all across America who are creating reasonable measures to limit the ability of those who will do harm, who will maim, who will buy, carry weapons illegally,” Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter said.