Possible Heller Ruling

The Supreme Court has announced something big for 10AM today.  Monitor SCOTUS blog, who will be covering it live.

UPDATE: It’s unusual for The Court to announce on Thursday, so that’s what driving the spectulation this might be it.

UPDATE: So far no Heller.  They’ve released a Habeus ruling on Guantanamo.  Maybe that was the big deal that caused them to release this special.   Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Looks like the Guantanamo case is the big news for the day.  The smart money was on the 23rd for the release.  We will have to wait.

3 thoughts on “Possible Heller Ruling”

  1. It’s 10:01.

    Holy s***! They’re announcing decisions! Nothing on Heller yet.

  2. It was little noticed on Monday that that Supremes would also announce cases today. It was even less noticed that CJ Roberts decided that they would be hearing more cases earlier in the term from now on to reduce the crush of cases to be announced at the end of the term. I suspect there is a connection here, and it doesn’t have to do with Heller. Of course, having said that, I was watching with bated breath too.

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