How We Celebrate

I gave Bitter a hard time for drinking her champagne out of a beer glass, but when we celebrate, we celebrate big.

Heller Celebrations

You will notice that we are using founding father glassware, if you zoom in to the full picture.  My glass is a Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello snifter, and Bitter’s is a James Madison beer glass.  I think both gentlemen would be proud that we have not completely forgotten them, and the instrument they created.

In addition to the drinks, Bitter prepared a lovely Italian dinner, in honor of Justice Scalia, complete with cannollis.  I honor Justice Kennedy merely by being Irish.  For Chief Justice Roberts, the last new shooter I took to the range was a Roberts.  And for Justice Alito, well, he’s another Italian! I’m still trying to figure out how I honor Justice Thomas.

11 thoughts on “How We Celebrate”

  1. Well, Anita Hill taught at OU, and I’m a diehard Sooner. Though I don’t know if that really honors him…

    I’m totally on board with the Corvette. My dad was a Corvette guy. I almost inherited his until I realized it didn’t run. At 16, I didn’t have the desire, money, or knowledge to try and have it repaired.

  2. ah, my kind of style and class. any place i can buy that beer glass online?

  3. Sheesh, no wonder you got a headache, I can’t do bourbon – but I thought it was gonna be Tequila, or was that a suggestion to Helmke for drowning the Heller-sorrows? Too many blogs going-off like fireworks yesterday. I drank a few Red Stripes and had some Barbancourt.
    As for Corvettes talk to RideFast – IMO they’re a lotta work since in many cases, no two consecutive years shared common parts.

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