That Didn’t Take Long

VPC has a new white paper out “The Glock: A Favorite of Mass Shooters.” It’s the favorite of police officers, peaceable Americans, and several European militaries too, but you won’t hear VPC mention that.

VPC is perhaps the most irrelevant organization out there today, given the realities of the post-Heller world. The Glock is, quite possibly, the ideal poster child for Heller’s “common use” test. One could argue it is quite possibly the most deserving arm of constitutional protection out there today.

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  1. Notice they used the Lubby’s shooting in TX. I am betting a particular US congresswoman would like to add something to the charge there about her not being able to defend herself with her snubby which was safely locked away in her car…

  2. Glocks are as ordinary as a loaves of sliced bread in plastic bags. People like Glocks because they are reliable. VPC singling out Glock is inane.
    When the controlholes aren’t denouncing a gun because it’s high quality, they’re calling them “Saturday Night Specials” and denouncing them because they’re cheap. One might ask them to make up their minds about which guns are acceptable and which are not, but it’s obvious that they are irrational on the issue. They simply do not want any private citizens to own any guns at all and they’ll use any ruse they can concoct to push that idea.

  3. Ok. So Glocks are the weapons of mass murderers. It doesn’t surprise me, considering they originated in a country known for its mass murder (Germany). Let’s ban them!

    Ok, great! Mass murderers no longer use Glocks. What now? 1911s! Ban them!

    What, mass murderers are now using revolvers? Ban them!

    What, mass murderers are now using knives and swords? Ban them!

    What, they’re using fertilizer now?!? And mustard gas? Ban food!

    When we start banning good tools because of a handful of bad apples, where does it stop? (And why should millions of honest owners of the weapon in question have their preferences be banned because of the evil actions of a few?)

  4. The anti-civil rights coalition has had a hard on for Glock since the git go.

    Remember Jack Anderson’s columns? The federal legislation? Maryland’s law back in 1988? All the politicians and cops lining up against the Glock.

    It is reliable, it is inexpensive, it has spawned dozens of copycats. It is everything that they fear.

  5. I just read the report!

    It’s laughable! They quote Diaz and have a chart and a graph?


  6. I’m not sure what they were trying to do, but it turned out to be an advertisement for Glock. Take out the stupid table in the middle and it’s almost a marketing tool. What morons.

  7. I can remember back to sometime around the mid to late 1980’s when the anti-gun libtards in the media were all squawking about how the Glock 17 could supposedly pass through those walk-through metal detectors at airports and courthouses without setting them off. This claim was laughably untrue back then of course, as it is still untrue now, but from what I can recollect, this myth was repeated ad nauseam in the mainstream media for almost two years before it just quietly died away.

  8. Don’t forget, they actually passed a law to ban non-existent ‘plastic guns’ in ’88 and it was renewed in ’98. Another renewal failed in ’03. According to the VPC, we should be awash in them since they were just about to be manufacture ready.

  9. That was one weird report. 31 million pistols, vs 21 million revolvers–what is that supposed to prove? Yet, of those 31 million pistols, how many were used in mass murder? Why are we only told of the six mass murders, and why aren’t any comparisons made to other mass murders?

    As for the quote–why wouldn’t someone interested in self defense, also be interested in “poking holes where we need them, as fast as needed, without changing magazines every seven rounds”? And, incidentally, how different is this from a 9mm double-stacked 1911?

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