HB 1845 Has Made It Out of Committee

HB 1845, the omnibus pro-gun bill, has been voted out of the House Senate Judiciary Committee 13-0.  There was an attempt to strip out the emergency concealed carry provision by the anti-domestic violence lobby, because clearly we can’t have women being threatened by their psychotic ex’s able to defend themselves.  Why, if that were the case, we might not need an anti-domestic violence lobby.   They were unsuccessful at removing this provision by a 9-5 vote.   The bill now move to the appropriations committee, then to the floor, then back to the house for concurrence.

3 thoughts on “HB 1845 Has Made It Out of Committee”

  1. I have worked for a domestic abuse agency for almost 10 years and I strongly support the provision staying in. Cheers to the House.

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