Illegal in New Jersey

Maybe they are worried about the Redcoats getting the better of them over there, but the Brown Bess is actually an illegal destrictive device in New Jersey.  A-Square Hannibal Rifle in .577 TyrannasaurNot content with that level of hysterics, they are looking at adding other firearms, such as the one at the side of this post, to the list of illegal destructive devices because it fires a cartridge that Bryan Miller says only terrorists could use.  Interesting in getting a gun for your african safari?   Tough tidily, you terrorist!  Heym Rifle in .600 Nitro ExpressHave a fancy for expensive German big bores, like this one to the right.  Well, why does anyone need an anti-aircraft weapon such as this?   Do you want to shoot animals or Chemical plants?   You’re not fooling anyone! What if you want one of these babies showing below, well, too bad. You’ll use it blow rail cars sky high.You can blow up rail cars with this, according to New Jersey anti-gun activists.

Anyone who has a friend that’s a hunter, who says they aren’t coming after his hunting rifle, needs to print this post out and beat him with it (rhetorically, of course).  They’ll ban anything they can get away with banning.  Kill one piece of the shooting culture at a time, until there’s nothing left.