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A vote happened on House Bill 1845 tonight.  The Lost and Stolen amendment went down in flames 75-128.  In it’s place, an amendment was filed that makes it a crime to falsely report a firearm as stolen, and this amendment passed.  The “emergency powers” amendment was also passed, along with a provision to get rid of the ban on carry in state parks.  A final vote on the bill will happen tomorrow.  Needless to say, we want to support passage of this bill as amendment.

Great work by the NRA, and all the other groups who were involved, and all the individual citizens who called their state representatives, in defeating the Lost and Stolen bill, and making sure gun owners got something out of it.  I certainly won’t complain about the state park provision!

UPDATE: Looks like we didn’t get castle doctrine, but I’m hearing that will get another committee hearing.

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