HB 1845 Passes House

The bill HB1845, which contains a provision to eliminate the administrative ban on carrying firearms in state parks, as well as passes “Katrina” legislation, preventing authorities from confiscating firearms in a State of Emergency, has passed the house.  In fact, it passed the house while myself, and several other Pennsylvania Firearms Owners Association members watched from The House Gallery at the Capitol in Harrisburg.

Predictably, Philadelphia media is spinning this as a victory for gun control because of the provisions it has stiffening penalties for possessing a firearm with an altered or obliterated serial number.  No doubt the anti-gun forces in that city are following the Brady Campaign model, where if you can’t win, you can claim to win, and it’s just as good.

The vote was unnanimous, 200 to nil.  The only representative who got up to say anything negative about it was Kathy Manderino, who wanted to point out the problems she saw with the provision to issue emergency concealed carry licenses, and to remind everyone that the Coalition Against Domestic Violence is opposed to this bill.  Why they are, I can’t imagine, since how is it not empowering to women to be able to successfully defend themselves against a man who means to rape, gravely injure, or murder them.  One has to ponder what these groups think of the women they claim to represent, that they don’t believe them capable of making wise decisions in regards to their own personal security.   Nontheless, I guess Rep. Manderino’s objections weren’t that strong, because she didn’t vote against final passage.

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