As some of you may know, The Brady Campaign linked to me yesterday.  I have taken a careful measurement of their power to drive traffic with Google Analytics.  Here are the results.

The Brady Campaign’s main site drove a total of four hits, three of which were me clicking through the link on their site.  The cross post at the Huffington Post drove a total of six click throughs, five of which were actually unique.  Just for contrast, SayUncle and Dave Hardy were my top two referrers with 165 visits driven my way.  You can see the screen shots of here for Brady Blog and here for Huffpo.  As you can see there, Brady Blog and HuffPo were my 40th and 29th highest referrer respectively, scoring below most of the pro-gun blogs who are driving traffic my way via their blog rolls rather than direct links in posts.  When you’re getting beat by blog rolls, that’s a rocket to the moon, let me tell you.

UPDATE: David had the same experience.

8 thoughts on “Bradylaunch”

  1. Now, look at the comments on Paulie’s rants and you’ll see it’s 99% pro gunners so I’d even be willing to bet those hits are from us, not anyone else.

    I’d also venture to guess that most anti-gunners don’t venture out into our world that much since they know they’re under gunned in the facts and logic department.

    Then there’s JadeGold, which… I can’t even imagine what it’s like to be that batshit crazy.

  2. I’ve often wondered about how the traffic at the Brady Bunch was affected after Paul shut down the comments section of his own blog. That was the only reason alot of people went there in the first place.

  3. I’m with Unc. He must’ve linked you at the bottom of a batch of posts or something. A good Unclelanche is worth two or three times that. The dude can flat throw some hits.

  4. Actually, I think he didn’t link to anything yesterday. My experience has been much higher traffic too. Hardy is pretty good over a long period too.

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