Nutter Targeting Philly Gun Shop

Nutter is dragging Philadelphia gun shops into this now.

“These gun traffickers are not going to stop us from keeping the citizens of Philadelphia safe,” Nutter said in a news conference before an afternoon court hearing on the five laws he signed into law last month. One of them limits gun purchases to one a month in an effort to curb “straw purchases,” in which individuals buy multiple firearms for resale to felons and others forbidden to own guns.

I would be talking to a lawyer right now about a libel suit against the Mayor.  Good thing is, the lead attorney appears to hint at the possibility:

C. Scott Shields, who spent the afternoon arguing the case against the laws in a City Hall courtroom, called Nutter’s words “shocking.”

“He may be inviting separate legal action for casting Colosimo’s and the Firing Line in a false light,” Shields said. “To suggest that they’re engaged in illegal trafficking of handguns is outrageous.”

The three ring circus in that city continues.  But why isn’t Mayor Nutter talking about this?  Why isn’t the media forcing him to address it?

2 thoughts on “Nutter Targeting Philly Gun Shop”

  1. Well, I don’t much care for them – as businesses – but, as gun shops, I will get down to both places and at least buy some ammo. If my Nutty-Buddy doesn’t like ’em….they must be doing something right.

  2. Well, as I’ve said before elsewhere, the one nice thing about gun control is that if (when, for you fellow cynics) it gets finally, irrevocably enacted, there’s no more reason for the cops and political hacks to prosecute us any more than they now go after muggers, rapists and cop-killers.
    On the other hand, they do FOLLOW a certain reason…they’d rather come after ‘soft targets’ who aren’t likely to resist (shoot back), being basically law-abiding in the first place. We’re not so likely to be walking in and out of the revolving door at the local prison, like so many of these multiple-offenders, I think.

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