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I was talking to Dave Kopel at the Annual Meeting about the fact that my headlining banner is getting long in the tooth.  I tend to agree.  Truth be told, if I could go back, I would probably change the name of the blog too, but it’s too late for that.  I never thought anyone would actually take this seriously.

So I’m going to have a contest to see if anyone can submit a headline banner close to what I’m looking for.  I am looking for a drawing, rather than a picture, but my idea is an AR-15, with a muzzle flash (rather embellished flash) and a snowflake in the flash.  If anyone wants to have a stab at it, send the graphic to my address listed in the top corner.  Click on the graphic to make it readable.

8 thoughts on “New Graphic Contest”

  1. Man 1: We need some new graphics but we’re broke
    Man 2: Why not have a ‘contest’ with no prizes!
    Man 1: You’re a genius! Let’s go get a martini.

    I’ll see what I can do for you though. ‘Cuz I like you and all that.

  2. Truth be told, if I could go back, I would probably change the name of the blog too, but it’s too late for that.

    I’m sure Bitter feels your pain :P

  3. The flake in the muzzle flash of an AR to me would connote that ARs, or muzzle flash, or guns in general, were the “Hell” to which you refer. I do not suppose that is what you mean to convey with the title “Snowflakes in Hell.” I presume that you mean to denote something rare or impossible…the flake represents a rare breath of fresh air – perhaps truth – in an otherwise hellish environment (the ware against and the mistruths about 2A and associated rights). Or perhaps it represents the impossibility of reason on the side of the gun control movement. “Hell is the impossibility of reason.”

    I really wonder if you should outline what you are trying to convey with the adage “Snowflakes in Hell” and work from there. I presume snowflakes is a variation of the saying “snowball’s chance in hell” to communicate that an event has no chance of taking place, or refers to a general “impossibility”, or alternatively, that a particular event is exceedingly rare (like snowflakes falling in hell).

    Just my thoughts…

  4. Yeah…on second thought….what snowflakes in hell might optimally or ultimately mean (to me) is that your blog is the snowflake in the hell that is the impossibility of reason by the gun control advocates and the bias in media.

    This blog exists at least in part to clarify untruths and misinformation about guns and gun rights….no?

    This blog IS the snowflake….and it exists inside, and in spite of, the hell of illogicality, subjectivity, and unreasonableness of the arguments for the gun control agenda.

  5. It should somehow integrate the Supreme Court’s [hopefully] future finding, and perhaps a crying Paul Helmke. And snowing.

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