NRA Annual Meeting Grassroots Workshop

NRA will be hosting a Grassroots Workshop this year at the annual meeting in Louisville.  I would like to direct you toward the bottom:

Please also plan to attend the “In Their Own Words” Special Session. This session will consist of a panel of your fellow NRA Members discussing their personal grassroots experiences. There is no registration for the “In Their Own Words” Special Session, and as with the Workshop, it is FREE to attend! The “In Their Own Words” Special Session will be held Saturday, May 17, at 2:00 p.m., in Room B104, of the Kentucky Expo Center, located at 937 Phillips Lane, Louisville, 40209.

I will be a speaker at this special session.  I will be presenting an introduction to gun blogging.  If anyone at the Annual Meeting wants to attend, you should sign up.  I will be giving the talk under my own name rather than my assumed name here.

6 Responses to “NRA Annual Meeting Grassroots Workshop”

  1. Tom says:

    Is this where the NRA delivers the wheelbarrows of cash?

  2. Sebastian says:

    Nah… I agreed to do this one for a mere briefcase full of cash ;)

  3. Matt says:

    I assume I’ll be handed my stuffed envelope of dollars at the door?

    Signed up.

  4. thirdpower says:

    I was hoping to attend the Guns Of D-Day seminar but I can’t miss this.

    Signed up.

  5. Ok, I signed myself and wifey up for the Grassroots seminar, but can’t seem to figure out how to sign up for some of the others…such as: Refuse to be a Victim Seminar, Special Session: Methods of Concealed Carry, and Special Session: In their own words.

    Their site could use some work.

  6. Bitter says:

    You don’t have to sign up for special sessions. You only have to sign up for the workshops. (I know that’s a little confusing.)


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