Pat Murphy Jumps on Gun Banning Bandwagon

He has signed onto HR1022, the McCarthy Gun Ban, which bans a number of common sporting and target rifles, in addition to many common shotguns:

Congressman Patrick Murphy, D-8, a co-sponsor of a bill to reinstitute the assault weapons ban and son of a former Philadelphia police officer, said the government needs to be “proactive” to quell gun violence.

“While I support the right of gun ownership and I believe in the Second Amendment, I strongly believe that if someone wants to fire an assault rifle they should join the military,” Murphy said.

The congressman’s opponents in this year’s House race, however, said reinstating the assault weapons ban would do little, if anything, to stop gun violence.

Tom Manion, a Republican from Doylestown Township, said the focus should be on stricter law enforcement, not on enacting more gun laws.

“I really don’t think a ban on assault weapons is going to do anything to keep the criminals from getting their hands on guns,” Manion said.

Concealed weapons permit or not, Congressman Murphy, I can promise you that Mr. Manion will be getting my vote this fall, and I will do everything in my power to make sure the 1200 person club I belong to, and my many thousands of readers know why.

The Bill Congressman Murphy has signed on to, does not merely ban “assault weapons” , whatever they are, it bans two of the most common target rifles being sold today, including the AR-15, and many models of the Ruger 10/22.  It is so badly worded, that it would, in effect, ban all semi-automatic shotguns, and many common semi-automatic rifles like the M1A, and the M1 Garand.  The Ruger Ranch Rifle would also be banned under this bill.  It give the attorney general authority to ban any firearm, so long as the attorney general makes a judgement that they are not sufficiently “sporting” guns, by whatever definition the attorney general chooses to use.

This is a bad law for hunters and shooters, and voters in Pennsylvania’s 8th district should be aware their congressman has signed onto it.

10 thoughts on “Pat Murphy Jumps on Gun Banning Bandwagon”

  1. Rep. Murphy’s statement about firing a assault rifle is unacceptable. His office should be inundated with calls on this topic. Hopefully, he will end up as a single term rep. Mr Manion has my support.

  2. Well, at least one of the politicians understands how the process should work. That, alone, is better than the vast majority of political races these days…

  3. Murphy is one of the 2006 “Blue Dog Dem” clones, who claimed to be one thing but are really just tools Pelosi keeps in the closet. Useful idiots for the San Fran Speaker!

  4. I knew this was going to happen. A LOT of democrat party faithful got elected on ostensibly pro-gun, conservative platforms in 2006. I knew there was no way the Democrats actually found that many good candidates when the republicans are forced to accept RINOs all the time. The candidate’s true leanings usually take a term or two to reveal themselves. Good thing he did it just before his first reelection.

    Good luck on ejecting this piece of shit.

  5. And Murphy is one of pseudo-conservative Michael Smerconish’s favorites.

    Manion deserves your vote, because he sees the real problem: enforcing the existing laws.

  6. You get to fire real live “assault weapons” in the military. Here I was thinking troops were being issued select fire M16s and M4s. I’m so dumb sometimes. . .

  7. Congressman Murphy is a puppet of Congressman Murtha and Congressman Bob Brady. Everytime a police officer is killed the politicians panic to come up with nwe gun laws. Michael Smerconish’s claim t fame is that his parents were in real estate, knew the late Herb Barness so baby Michael received an internship to a political office. Smerconish is a trumpet for slain police officers and Murphy’s father is a retired Philadelphia police officer.

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