Quote of the Day

From Bryan Miller, in his comments:

But, as you may have noticed, hypocrisy runs rampant among [the pro-gun] comments. I enjoy reading them because they are so entertaining. I believe most folks find them intolerant, obnoxious and unbelievable. Their so-called passion is so obviously fear-driven it’s pathetic. And, I love the hiding their compulsions behind a ‘rights’ agenda.

He can refuse to take us seriously all he wants, but the ‘rights’ agenda is winning.  I do smell fear, but it’s not coming from the pro-gun side these days.

4 thoughts on “Quote of the Day”

  1. Yeah… believe me… I don’t like defending Bryan… but that’s something they can throw right back at us. The problem with what Bryan does is that he brings up the issue in the political context, then tells us it’s off limits to us. He’s definitely using his brother in a political cause, but that happens way too much in a lot of different issues for any side to be throwing stones.

  2. Yeah, because the gun control impulse is totally not fear-driven at all. Nigga please.

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