Let’s Start a Pool

How long before Reasoned DiscourseTM commences?  I’ll give it a few weeks.

UPDATE: In the comments, it would appear that Reasoned Discourse has already commenced, as comments there would appear to be moderated.  That makes you wonder about this:

I came because of anger. But, I have stayed because of faith. A faith that tells me that love is stronger than hate. A faith in our cause that gives substance to our hopes for a safer society and makes us certain of realities we cannot see.

I would think someone that has faith in their cause wouldn’t be afraid of honest debate.  You also have to love the implication that they are the side of love, and we are the side of hate.

6 Responses to “Let’s Start a Pool”

  1. BC says:

    Enh, the comments are moderated, not open. I reckon anything that challenges the hoplophobic orthodoxy will be quietly bit-bucketed.

  2. Peter says:

    Comments? What comments? I just went over there, and not a comment to be found…

  3. Dave thA says:

    I asked if he’s trying to stop gun violence, or trying to stop guns…


  4. anon says:

    “I would think someone that has faith in their cause wouldn’t be afraid of honest debate.”

    Given that ‘faith’ is belief absent proof, I think it follows quite naturally.
    (not meant as snark, just an observation)

  5. Lyle says:

    “…makes us certain of realities we cannot see.”

    That’s the whole problem antis, isn’t it? Belief without evidence in a cause that restricts the freedom of one’s fellow Americans. Oh, but it’s all out of “Compassion”.

  6. B Smith says:

    Wow, where to begin?
    Stopgunviolence:I believe in God, but I won’t try to legislate that belief on you, okay? You have a right, under the First Amendment, to worship whomever you please, or nothing at all.
    You’re also free to believe there aren’t monsters among us, and that you really can get along with racists, negotiate with murderers, and appease terrorists.
    As for me, I, too, came out of anger, and stayed because of faith: Anger at the evil that these bastards commit, and at the naifs like you who excuse and enable them. And faith that I can do better than a government agency or police force, when properly armed, to protect and defend my loved ones from that evil. I am certain of a few realities that I CAN see, such as the effect of a .45 caliber slug on the tissue and bone of an invading monster threatening life and limb.
    I’m not demanding that you go arm yourself, if you believe pacifism is better…but I’ll thank you to stop trying to legislate away my Second Amendment rights…fair enough?


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