Philadelphia Subway Hammer Attacker

Police have arrested a man in connection with the hammer attack on the subway in Philadelphia.  Thanks to Fred Fry, I have obtained a copy of Thomas Scantling’s criminal record.  Much like the case of the murder of Officer Steven Liczbinski, this is another case of the City’s justice system utterly failing to protect its citizens from violent predators.  Just look at what he was arrested for, and for which he was never prosecuted:

  1. Rape
  2. Sexual Assault
  3. Simple Assault
  4. Statutory Sexual Assault
  5. Unlawful Restraint
  6. Corruption of Minors
  7. Criminal Conspiracy
  8. Possession of Firearm by a Prohibited Person
  9. Carrying Firearms Unlawfully
  10. Terrorist Threats
  11. Reckless endangerment

It goes on.  And yet city politicians have the nerve to claim that the city has a high crime rate because of insufficient gun laws.  Well, they failed to charge this guy for violation of the gun laws we already have, and he went on to beat someone nearly to death with a hammer.

And these same politicians question why I feel the need to carry a firearm for self-protection in their city?  Unbelievable.  This guy should never have been out on the streets.

UPDATE: Apparently Chief Ramsey is chastizing folks for standing by and doing nothing.  Considering that Chief Ramsey is against ordinary folks carrying weapons for protection, especially firearms, what exactly did the Chief expect any honest citizen to use?  Harsh language?

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  1. You gotta wonder why they would opt to not prosecute on the firearm violations. The charges were withdrawn (by the prosecutor I presume, as opposed to being dismissed by the court).

    Do they not want any such convictions, perhaps because enough of them would prove that the existing gun laws would work if actually enforced, and that maybe we don’t need any new ones?

    They talk about guns and gun violence and illegal guns on the streets and such, but then they allegedly catch a prohibited possessor with a firearm and then do nothing about it.

  2. Sebastian, sorry to pimp my own blog posts, but I found it worthy of note that Chief Ramsey went on the Today Show and blasted the other subway riders for not intervening.

    The same Chief Ramsey who’s against concealed carry, in a town where if you were concealed carrying and intervened with force DA Abraham would delight in sending you away.

    The whole thing’s so stupid…

  3. The sad thing is that in a recent conversation I had the misfortune of having with a anti-rights hoplophobe, he wanted to know what I would do to fix what he considered to be the “raging gun crime” afflicting America… but he did not want to hear an answer in any way approximating “enforce the laws we have”, and when I started down that path anywise, he dismissed it as “Typical BS” and withdrew.

    I mean, honestly, what the frak to people expect when repeat, hardened criminals are simply let out onto the world again, on their own little recognizances? That they are suddenly going to mesh into the same society that they have been raping, assaulting, robbing, and murdering for the past umpteen years? Give me a break!

  4. NBC10 news is reporting that this Thomas Scantling character has a history of mental illness in addition to a lengthy criminal record. They had his own mother on camera saying so.

    Wasn’t there once a time in this country when people such as Thomas Scantling could be put away involuntarily by a judge’s order in the insane asylums and/or state mental hospitals?

  5. Thanks for the link!

    The police chief should wake up. Maybe nobody wants to do anything because they know that the legal system is just going to let these people back out on the street and they don’t want these maniacs to hunt them down. OK, that’s not the reason, but clearly, nobody would have had to help if this guy was in jail where he should have been.

  6. I was in DC serving in the USN back when Ramsey was the police chief of that town. He sucked just as much back then, too.

    When it was time to introduce Ramsey as the new chief in Philly, NBC10 gave its viewing audience a resume for him of sorts. They referred to three major cases that occurred while he was the top cop in DC – the Chandra Levy missing person case, the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon, and the DC snipers case.

    When I saw this, all I could say was, “Yeah, and? Chief Ramsey had nothing to do with directly solving or investigating any of those crimes. He just happened to be around when they all went down, but that’s it.”

    So much for Chief Ramsey’s “accomplishments”, NBC10!

    The guy is nothing but an empty uniform, just like Obama is nothing but an empty suit.

  7. This chief in Philly seems to be nothing but your typical affirmative action, politically-correct, and anti-gun big city police chief.

    Remember Chief Moose from back in 2002 when the DC snipers were roaming around in a blue Chevy, while he had everybody keep on the lookout for a white box truck? For well over two weeks, Chief Moose suppressed an early witness account that his own investigators had, one which described the actual perps to a T.

    Ramsey is almost as bad as that.

  8. Scantley is a criminal. I am a psychiatrist and schizophrenics do not go around raping, and stealing like he did. This guy should be in jail, that’s it.
    I wish the media followed-up on the case. I am sure they will stay silent on what follows. They will just hide the dust under the carpet.

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