Why Do We Need Guns in Parks?

Because otherwise Coyotes will eat your children.

5 Responses to “Why Do We Need Guns in Parks?”

  1. RedneckInNY says:

    Don’t forget the bears, mountain lions, wolves, etc. depending on which state you live and which state park you play in.

    Pretty much the same reason why we need fire extinguishers in our homes, cars, trucks, boats, etc., because it just might happen.

  2. kaveman308 says:

    As I’ve noted before, I’ve had to draw my weapon twice for four legged animals, never for a human.

  3. abcdude says:

    sorry, we need guns in parks! why? to protect us… duh….

  4. indie says:

    … Redneck guy is correct…. it’s just like we need fireextinguishers in our homes… i suck.

  5. crazyguy says:

    you all suck like crazy!