Ed Rendell, Nutter Demand New Assault Weapons Ban

Ed Rendell shows his true colors, in case Pennsylvanians ever had any doubts.

“Get these weapons off the street.  Get those large-capacity magazines off the street.  As the mayor said, the only people who should have weapons like this is the police and the military.  We should outgun the criminals, not vice versa.”

Not to be outdone, Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey so eloquently stated:

Police commissioner Charles Ramsey became incensed at the news conference when a reporter asked if, in fact, the weapon that killed Sgt. Liczbinski might not be covered by an assault weapon ban:

“Let me just say this — if it’s not an assault weapon by definition, then add it to the frickin’ list.  Add it to the frickin’ list!  We don’t need it.”

The problem is, the SKS is not an assault rifle.  It never was an assault rifle.  It’s never been banned, and there’s no reason to put it on any “list”.  I am so sick of the bullshit that spews out of that city on a daily basis, and I’m glad, at least, in this instance someone in the media asked a difficult question of Commissioner Ramsey.  Now if only they would do more of that.

In response to this call, gun hating Congressman Joe Sleetsak Sestak has signed on as a cosponsor to HR1022.  Sestak defeated Republican Congressman Curt Weldon last fall, and represents the town I grew up in.  Here’s hoping the folks back home give this asshole the boot.

15 thoughts on “Ed Rendell, Nutter Demand New Assault Weapons Ban”

  1. It’s never been banned

    Well, ‘cept in California (with the removable magazine the one in question had).

  2. BobG, all sense has been banned in California, common or otherwise. The assclowns in this state wouldn’t know sense if it painted itself purple and danced up and down on a piano while singing, “Sense is here again!”

  3. Do I understand this correctly? A democratic congressman representing a ‘red’ district is now co-sponsoring the extreme anti-gun bill HR1022? See folks, this is what happens when you elect democrats. Regardless of what they claim during an election they just can’t help themselves from backsliding into their core anti-gun instincts.

  4. I can attest to what BC just said. I was in San Diego visiting my brother in Camp Pendleton and we went fishing. Try looking up the fishing regulations and you’ll be catatonic by the time you’re done cross-referencing section after section, from 3 different booklets, and in the end, STILL NOT GET THE ANSWER you were looking for. Do you know how many fish I had to throw back into the Pacific because the regulations aren’t clear and concise, and by the time I figured it out, the fish would have been dead?? I mean, what the fuck do I need to know the damned genus and species of the fish for?? I just want to know what kind of fish it is, how big it has to be to be legal and how many I can keep. Fucking ridiculous.

  5. Slapping an after-market removable mag on an SKS is a crime here in Mass (you can still buy guns that were modded or imported in Mass pre-1994)

    Also I like How he says ““Get these weapons off the street. Get those large-capacity magazines off the street.” and then puts cops with exactly that ON the Street!

    Last I checked our cops don’t have RPGs or Frag grenades. Why? Because they’re too dangerous for police work….yet they have AR-15s, and Glocks, both with high-cap mags…..

  6. 1. I personally never liked the high-cap mags for the SKS anyway…that long front-locking protrusion hangs on everything, and nulls so much of the advantage of mags in the first place. That said, there is no good reason to BAN the things, hell, to each his own !!
    2. But of course we aren’t talking about people who like guns, or bother knowing anything about them.We’re talking here about a couple guys who want their own police state here in America…that’s what happens when “only police and the military” have these “evil instruments of death”. An interesting Question occurs to me: If only police and military forces had guns, would they all become gun-lovers, or would we be ceding our collective protection to a bunch of people who loathed the instruments of their chosen professions?
    Sorry…feeling rather philosophical today.

  7. Sorry…feeling rather philosophical today.

    We highly encourage that around here. Interesting question too. I actually believe a lot of these folks would prefer the police be disarmed as well. When you get down to the nitty gritty with a lot of them, they really want to uninvent technology. They’d prefer that the know how to make automatic and semi-automatic firearms just disappear from our body of knowledge. Unfortunately for them, technology can’t be uninvented. We have to learn to live with the creations our civilization produces, and guns are one of those.

  8. Some of these people ae aggressive pacifists who want to eliminate violence, period.

  9. Removable mag on an SKS? Yep, changing out an SKS mag is like changing
    a bike tire.

    First the slide must be locked open. This can happen
    after the last round has been fired. The Magizine release catch on the
    bottom of the rigle is depressed. If the slide is actually locked open, the
    mag can be rocked off. If not the bolt needs to be held open with one
    hand while the magizine is removed wth the other. At the point where
    the magizine is removed, the bolt often will slam shut. Even if the bolt
    stays open it is advisable to hold the bolt open with the right hand, and
    reach up inside of the mag well with the other hand to securly fix the
    slide stop so that the bolt will not slam shut while you are trying to insert
    a fresh mag. This done the new mag is hooke (wedged) by the front end
    into the front of the mag well. Then the mag is rocked front to back
    into place in the well. Sometimes the maf release catch resists snapping
    shut to hold the new mag in and nees to be fiddled with. Some “assault weaopn”!

    Oh, and by the way, I happen to like the SKS.

  10. Well, let me tell you. I live in The Peoples Republic of Kalifornia and I totally agree with the statement ” Democrats say anything to get elected, but are gun grabbers the first chance they get”. Also, I recently tried to get an out of state gun registered, as demanded by law, I called the city police, county sherrif, and Sacramento. NONE of those agencies could tell me the procedure to register the gun!!!! I finally got a form on-line, filed it out, made a copy and forgot about the rest. At least I could show I tried to register it!!!!!

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